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24Option is one of the first Binary Options Brokers to arrive in 2010. 24Option is regulated and uses TechFinancials Trading Platform, which is considered one of the best trading platform available to date. 24Option has superior payout which’s up to 95%, this’s significantly higher than other Binary Options Brokers which offers payout varying between 71% […]

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Talking about stockpair.com, we could consider it as the king of stock pairs trading in binary options. Besides regular assets like Forex Pairs, Commodities and Indexes, StockPair also includes the trading of relative strength between 2 stocks. Stockpair is very similar to Forex that we look at the relative strength of two assets and measure […]

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$ 200,00


Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5

TradeRush was found in 2011 but it already looks like a mature Binary Options broker. Traderush has their headquarters in Cyprus, I don’t think there’s a big problem since I’ve always been using broker from Cyprus, so far they’ve treated me nicely. SpotOption is their chosen platform with at least 85 different assets and a […]

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OptionFair was first landing on Binary Options industry in early 2009 and it’s considered one of the older Binary Options broker around. Like 24option, OptionFair use TechFinancials trading platform, which’s tested and tried platform. The payout is up to 89%, and it’s considered one of the better one for payout. In fact, there’s only a […]

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$ 250,00
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Latest Posts
Parabolic and MACD Trading System
August 18, 2014 9:58 am|Comments (0)

What we see in the market nowadays is the rise of complicated strategies with a bunch of complex rules and indicators. I guess people all have the same feeling of confusion and being annoyed when they have to trade with something like entering Call if X>Y and A close to B, then checking to see if X<C as C is the gap between A and Y, etc. That’s probably the explanation for the popularity of the very simple yet useful Parabolic and MACD strategy. This review will show you how this strategy becomes so well-known.

The Parabolic and MACD mechanism

On the contrary to other complicated strategy, the Parabolic and MACD Trading System utilizes only two simple indicators both of which are set as default in your Mata Trader 4 Platform so there is no need for any download and installation. The first indicator is the MACD Histogram, a signal that moves around the Zero level. The other one is the Parabolic SAR (Stop and Reserve) which has been mentioned in another article regarding this tool.

Shortly, that article illustrates the mechanism behind PSAR Indicator movement which can be explained like this: an up signal appears as the dots are below price and a down signal pops up when they are above. These are only two of many other uses of the Parabolic and MACD Trading System but these default indicators are really easy-to-use. The result appearing on your chart after using the MACD might look like this:

Parabolic and MACD Trading System

As the Parabolic SAR and the MACD meet, or when we see the Yellow and Red arrows on the chart with the same direction, it is a clear signal to trade. It is also very significant to follow the histogram position on the chart and see whether it crosses the zero level or not. If it is above the zero, it’s a bullish signal and if it is below, it’s a bearish one.

So when we want to make a Put, two requirements must be met: the MACD must be below the zero level and the SAR dots are above the price. The order of their appearance seems not to be really important, but at the time of the entry, both of them must be completed. Here is the Call and Put entries:

Call Entry:

  1. MACD histogram is above zero level.
  2. Parabolic SAR is below price.

Put Entry:

  1. MACD histogram below zero level.
  2. Parabolic SAR dots above price.

It is also recommended in the article that we should have exit points. However, this suggestion is useless as they are forbidden in Binary Options trading. Thirty minutes, one hour, four hour and daily are the common time frame set for this strategy with no expiry times as it is Forex Strategy. Nevertheless, I believe we should set the expiry at least 3 times longer than the entry time frame. Of course, this may change depending on your real needs.

Disadvantage of the Parabolic and MACD Trading System

Once the market is full of noise, it is almost impossible to track the MACD and Parabolic dots moves as they quickly go from one side to another. This definitely results in a lot of Out of Money Trades which would reduce traders trust in this trading system.

Moreover, following this strategy rules also means that your account might gets burned if you try the Puts in an uptrend or the Calls in a downtrend.

Advantage of the Parabolic and MACD Trading System

If you have some experiences in this market, operating this system is really simple as the signals and dots are generally accurate. And also put in mind the basic rule of this trading platform: don’t place Puts when the prices go up and vice versa.


With only two indicators but this strategy is obviously a very easy and profitable trading system. Having some experiences from the market will make it even more smoothing for you to explore this strategy.

Remember to classify the signals as you would be more successful when trading with the most popular ones In the market. Therefore, you should clarify a trend before using this strategy. This strategy works best with Banc de Swiss.

The Trend is your Friend Strategy
August 15, 2014 3:42 pm|Comments (0)

The phrase “The Trend is your friend” must be very familiar to you if you are really into this business. However, lots of “experts” in the field use this phrase as their guiding quote without really elucidating the meaning of the phrase and how to earn money from the trend if it is our friend. In this article, I will be discussing details of various methods of earning money from our friend – the trend – and the correct method of trend identification. Keep my words in your mind that your trading decision should never depend upon one indicator or tool only. I will be discussing this in the article, too. First, let’s take a look at how to identify the trend:

An uptrend is identified with Higher Highs and Higher Lows.Very simple.Here’s an illustration:

The Trend is your Friend Strategy 01

This is what an uptrend look likes. Every new top/peak/high/etc. (whatever you want to call it) is higher than its previous and every new low/bottom/etc. is higher than its previous. This says the price is moving up in an uptrend.

downtrend is identified with Lower Highs and Lower Lows, as opposite to an uptrend:

The Trend is your Friend Strategy 02

If there are Lower Lows and Lower Highs, as opposite to the case of an uptrend, we have a downtrend. In order to trade a trend, trend lines must be drawn. This technical analysis tool is almost underutilized by most traders, although it has great usefulness.

Trend lines:

In order to draw a trend line, you need to connect two Lower Highs in a downtrend or two Higher Lows in an uptrend. Remember: In a downtrend, connect the Highs; in an uptrend, connect the Lows. Don’t get confused and mixed up here.

Once the first two points have been connected to form a line, we can begin “fishing”. The third touch of the line (and the following ones) can be traded along the trend’s direction if there are other indications saying that the price will bounce from the point. So the question is which indications are necessary here? We have discussed various tools, so let’s pick one up and try it:

Combining the Trend line with Japanese candlesticks:

The Trend is your Friend Strategy 05

Here we can see a Pin bar (Pinocchio bar). This Pin bar is very important. It is a nice reversal/rejection candle combined with a bounce from the trend line and the downtrend. The trend is your friend, but the Pinocchio is surely your best friend. These buddies help you earn easy money. Let’s take another example:

The Trend is your Friend Strategy 06

We can draw the trend line by using the first two Lows. Then, any Japanese candlestick formation can be traded as long as it touches or comes really close to it. In our case here, there are two good trades displayed with a Pin bar and an Engulfing Pattern.

Combining the Trend line with Divergence

The Trend is your Friend Strategy 07

In this case, when the trend line is touch for the third time, a Hidden Bearish Divergence can be recognized clearly with RSI making a Higher High and price printing a Lower High. In this case, a Put is super effective and the price plummets remarkably. At the peak of the Divergence, the Pinocchio bar on the trend line makes me feel much more confident in my trade.

Combining the trend line with Fibonacci

The Trend is your Friend Strategy 08

The bounce I performed from the trend line is maintained by a test of 61.8 Fibonacci level. This is such a good trade. The trend, my friend, keeps helping me earn money.


The market is a totally unpredictable and very erratic. It doesn’t always act up to our expectations. It is designed to destroy our strategies, take away our confidence and deprive us of our money. Even if you have a trend line with the combination of 10 or even more indicators or tools, the market still remains beyond the predictable zone. At times, the price goes through it as if nothing could change it, and then when our option comes due for expiration, the price suddenly reverses, like a bucket of cold water to the face. The bad thing here is that we have to accept that fact and we could do nothing but to take good entries in line with the trend. Two more things to remember: The trend is a friend, but this doesn’t mean it will always be a good friend; and all trends have an end.


There are good chances for success of trades that are taken in the direction of the dominating trend. If there is a trend confirmed and set in its place, the combination of a bounce from the trend line and a tool, such as Divergence, Fibonacci, Japanese Candlesticks or any other trusted indicator, is a trade that you should never miss. In Binary Options, Stocks, Forex, or any other market, sure trade never exists. The best we can do is to ensure the balance of probability is tilted to our favor.

The Conclusion 

What a trend can do for you has been illustrated with the above examples. I personally think the trend is more than a mere strategy. I think it should be considered a perspective on trading and a method to make sure we are riding the trend all the time. The precise entry is now not the primary concern as an entry signal can be taken from any trusted tool or indicator without limitation, such as those I discussed in this article. What I did here is to give examples to illustrate clearly and exactly the phrase “The trend is your friend”. If you put an end to your risky against-the-trend strategy and put yourself in the flow of the trend, I am very sure your track record will have great improvement.

StockPair Stop Accepting USA Traders
August 15, 2014 2:58 pm|Comments (0)

stockpair trading

The official announcement is that from February 23rd 2014, StockPair will stop all services provided for clients from the United States. Stockpair has long been a very prestigious and preferred brokerage in the industry, so this service halt is very astounding to many people. Services and features from Stockpairhas always been top-notch, for example their platform was excellent and its features are far morefavorable than those in other platforms, especially when it comes to expiration. It is such a great pity for U.S. traders and accepting this news is for sure not very easy. However, the reason is reasonable. It was because Stockpair is making their attempt to obtain the official license from Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), under which they are required to stop providing services for clients from the United States.

We want to express our best wishes to Stockpair for their keeping themselves regulated and on their way to gaining greater reputation.

MACD Divergence Strategy for Binary Options
August 15, 2014 9:53 am|Comments (0)

I found this strategy somewhere on the Internet and I really like it. It utilizes a standard MACD signal and is readily applicable to binary options trading. For those who may not know it yet, MACD is a technical indicator used for measuring market momentum. The name, shortened from Moving Average Convergence Divergence, comes from the fact that it measures the convergence and divergence of two moving averages. It is basically an oscillator that has two types of display: standard and histogram.

The standard view resembles other oscillators, such as RSI and stochastic. It consists of two lines that move above and below each other and in between two extremes. The histogram view, on the other hand, is a pictographic view of the convergence and divergence of two lines. Both views give us profound insight into market momentum, but in the scope of this review, we will only concentrate on the histogram view.

How It Works

As the name says it, this strategy focuses on MACD divergence and aims to capture the quick movements that come with corrections and reversals. The original author says that it is a “quick and reliable system and is based on standard MACD indicator“. I agree with him/her, but not completely.

MACD Divergence Strategy for Binary Options 01

This system makes use of one indicator and one signal only, which I am not exactly familiar with. It would be more reliable to combine the MACD divergence signal with another indicator, such as a Fibonacci, EMA or resistance line. So what is a MACD divergence, exactly? It is a semi-rare, contrarian signal that marks an impending market correction or relief rally.

From the example of MACD above, you can notice that it is creating a series of higher peaks followed by one lower peak. We get a convergence when those higher peaks coincided with higher peaks in the market, whereas a divergence occurs when the last and lower MACD peak happened while the market made a higher high. A divergence indicates that the momentum is weakening and that the market is ready for pullback, correction or relief rally. The MACD shot below was taken from the USD/JPY daily chart. You can see that the divergence came just before a major correction.

The Strengths

The good point about this strategy is that it can happen in multiple time frames, be it bearish or bullish. It can also combine with other techniques very well and it works with any asset that comes with a price chart. Of course, my opinion is a bit biased because the MACD and divergence theory is my favorite.

MACD Divergence Strategy for Binary Options 02

The system uses the standard settings of 12-26-9. The signal is easy to identify from the recommended chart of 15 minute candles, and it will work well with expiry of 1 to 4 hours. For longer term trades, you just need to move up to charts of one hour candles for end of day or end of week expiry, or daily charts for expiries of one week to one month.

The Weaknesses

This strategy is still a bit unreliable and provides vague entry points, which is caused by the fact that it only uses one indicator and one signal. This is ironic because the strategy’s selling points turn out to be its main weaknesses. The author advertised it as “easy to spot”, “only uses one indicator” and “high profit potential”. Although he/she admits that the entry and exit points are “fuzzy”, I still prefer strong signals with easily identified entry targets.


This strategy is great, but it still has room for improvements. If you are not careful, you can be tricked into high risk trades by the divergences. The best way to use it is to use multiple time frames, and find what I call a “convergence of divergence”.

If you notice a divergence on the weekly, daily and hourly charts at the same moment, it is very probably that a contrarian position with a one hour to one day expiration will be successful. You can also improve this strategy by adding other indicators to it, such as Stochastic, trend lines, Fibonacci, and 30/150 bar EMA. These additions will make the strategy more reliable. This strategy works best with bancdebinary.