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24Option is one of the first Binary Options Brokers to arrive in 2010. 24Option is regulated and uses TechFinancials Trading Platform, which is considered one of the best trading platform available to date. 24Option has superior payout which’s up to 95%, this’s significantly higher than other Binary Options Brokers which offers payout varying between 71% […]

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Talking about stockpair.com, we could consider it as the king of stock pairs trading in binary options. Besides regular assets like Forex Pairs, Commodities and Indexes, StockPair also includes the trading of relative strength between 2 stocks. Stockpair is very similar to Forex that we look at the relative strength of two assets and measure […]

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TradeRush was found in 2011 but it already looks like a mature Binary Options broker. Traderush has their headquarters in Cyprus, I don’t think there’s a big problem since I’ve always been using broker from Cyprus, so far they’ve treated me nicely. SpotOption is their chosen platform with at least 85 different assets and a […]

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Goptions start offering Binary Options trading since 2009. Goptions doesn’t really mark its name at the time they appeared, however recently they have been making a lot of efforts to push themselves to the top of the chain. The brokers provide trading services to client globally with their SpotOption Binary Options platform, offer decent payouts […]

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Latest Posts
Trend Momentum High Low Strategy for Binary Options
November 15, 2014 3:32 pm|Comments (0)

Germany is well-known for a large number of high-quality products: luxurious Mercedes, reliable Volkswagen, powerful BMW, etc. But do you know much about German Strategies for Binary Options? Maybe we just know little about them (or maybe just me), so in this article I will be discussing one. The source of this German strategy is from www.forexstrategiesresources.com, in which they provide a translation tool so I can explore more about the entry rules of this strategy.

How to use the Trend Momentum Strategy?

Before getting into details, we require an indicator that we have discussed earlier and that is already provided in Meta Trader 4 – the Momentum. For this indicator, we will utilize a setting of 18 and set a level to 100 (to do this, double click on the indicator, choose Levels and add a level of 100, or you just need to manually drag a horizontal button on the indicator). The next indicator utilized in this strategy is an Exponential Moving Average that uses a 24 period, which is also a default feature of Meta Trader 4, thus you need not to worry much about adapting it to the chart. When you have finished your setting, here is the important content of the strategy. When a H1 candle (only hourly charts are utilized in this strategy) is completely closed over the EMA 24 or 80% minimum over it, and the Momentum reaches higher than the level 100, a Call with the end of day expiration can be purchased. If an hourly candle is closed below the EMA 24 and the Momentum does not reach the level 100, a Put with the end of day expiration can be purchased.

You can easily recognize that the strategy has specific rules for the application of timeframe and expiration time. The reason for this is that the strategy was built particularly for Binary Options, so traders need not to worry about using it. Actually, traders are advised to use this strategy in its original untouched form and refrain from making any remarkable adjustments. However, if you can find some ways to make this strategy even more effective and powerful, we are all willing to hear from you. Let’s take a look at an illustration for this strategy with some pre-designed entries:

Trend Momentum HighLow Strategy for Binary Options

It is clearly displayed in the illustration that all trades end In the Money, thus proving the strategy is not so bad. The dotted standing lines show the end of day and in this illustration they are merely visual aid for the example. Also, remember that this example is “pre-designed”, meaning that your trades will never look like this or as good as this. Here’s a brief summary of our German strategy:

Call Entry:

  1. An hourly candle is completely closed over EMA 24 (or minimum 80% over)
  2. Momentum reaches higher than the level 100

Put Entry:

  1. An hourly candle is completely closed below EMA 24 (or minimum 80% below)
  2. Momentum reaches lower than the level 100

Expiry time: End of Day

Bad thing about this Strategy?

The most considerable drawback of this strategy is the ranging market, as well as many false signals are provided in such market. The name of the strategy also specifies that it is designed as a trend-following strategy, so traders should use it with the right purpose. Nonetheless, in a ranging market, you can keep yourself away from bad trades with the help of Momentum indicator. One more bad thing about this strategy is the 80% rule. I think it is unnecessary and unfavorable. In my opinion, a better signal is provided by a full candle closed over or below the Exponential Moving Average.

Good thing about this Strategy?

The most obvious good thing is its simplicity – everyone can use it without any problem. In addition, the success rate is pretty high considering its techniques and content, so newbies can use this strategy to get to know more and learn more about Binary Options. Money management is certainly needed alongside this strategy, but I suppose this is what everyone knows already. The strategy was built for Binary Options, which does not mean it has no error or chance of failure, especially in term of timeframe and expiration. The reason is that those features are already specified in the rules and using an hourly chart guarantees that the strategy removes lots of “noise” from the market.

Conclusion – Newbies Friendly but could cause Headaches

At first, I didn’t have much positive attitude towards this strategy. The problem I thought of was due to its simplicity and the creation of many false signals. However, after many tests with this strategy, it dawned on me that being simplistic is the biggest advantage of this strategy. The best strategy for me now is The Floor Trader, yet it is just too complicated and confusing to introduce to beginners. This German strategy is, oppositely, very user-friendly and simple. You should try it!

Three Ducks Binary Options Trading Strategy
November 3, 2014 3:30 pm|Comments (0)

The Three Ducks Trading Strategy is a very fundamental trend-following strategy that is suitable for traders of any level. This strategy utilizes many types of analysis that belong to my preferred list, and it has also been pre-approved by Hammish Raw. With this strategy, you will learn to get your ducks to line up in a row and to earn profits from binary options.

Get Your Ducks In A Row!

Before getting into knowing the ducks, we should take a minute to learn about Hammish Raw first. He is the one that has written the strategies for binary options. Hammish Raw is a long-term successful binary trader who made trading in binary options long before they were internationally traded on the Internet. His website is very informative and contains a great collection of strategies on binary options, just like this one, the Three Ducks Trading Strategy. This strategy is very basic and traders of all types and levels can use it without any difficulty

Three Ducks Trading Strategy

At first, I thought this strategy was another one using the candle principle, three white soldiers/three black crows, and I was horribly wrong. Three Ducks Trading Strategy is a fundamental trend-following strategy that applies the multiple timeframe analysis for short-term trading. This strategy is an outstanding choice for traders of short-term binary options, as signals are taken on charts of 5 minutes and come with the backing of the underlying trends of longer terms. Now you may wonder what the name of the strategy means. What are the Three Ducks? Your three timeframes are the very Three Ducks. Hammish uses charts of 4 hour, 1 hour and 5 minutes, and with only one indicator that is the 60-bar simple moving average.

How Does The Three Ducks Strategy Work

The working principle of this strategy is that it captures the movement of the price in the specified three timeframes. The first timeframe is 4 hour. The underlying trend is bullish if prices on this chart are above the simple moving average. At such point, you turn to the next chart, 1 hour, to confirm the trend. If on this chart, prices also reach above the 60 bar simple moving average, the 4 hour chart is confirmed and then you turn to the chart of 5 minute. If on this chart, the prices also keep the same characteristics and the underlying trend is confirmed, you should take the bullish trading opportunities. However, if prices do not reach above the SMA, you should wait for a crossover. When prices cross over, this is also a signal for buying. For bearish trades, just reverse what I just said. If prices in the 4 hour chart show a bearish trend, you need to turn to the 1 hour to confirm the trend. If in the 1 hour chart, the trend is confirmed, then you need to turn to the 5 minute charts and wait for a signal to buy Puts.


The great thing about this strategy is that it is created by a famous trader who has succeeded with his strategies. It is also clearly explained and presented with details, and it utilizes the multiple timeframe analysis (with clear explanation). The strategy also tries to remove conflicting signals, provides a great choice for trading of short-term binary options and it utilizes many indicators. There are various strategies roaming around the Internet, most of which are just nonsense made up by traders with no name. This Three Ducks Trading Strategy is different from those, since it is introduced by a famous and successful trader – Hammish Raw. Many strategies impose great difficulties for traders as their contents as just confusing. On the contrary, Three Ducks Trading Strategy is very simple, easy to understand and explained into details. The strategy also utilizes the multiple timeframe analysis, which has a great position in many of my personal trading methods. Once again, it utilizes many indicators and it successfully removes conflicting signals.

Can this strategy Fail?

It may, however. It is because nothing is perfect and everything goes into failure one time or another. In trading business, there is no firm guarantee for you. The only possible guarantee is that you will definitely fail at some point in your business. There is no perfect strategy for all the cases, and Three Ducks Trading Strategy is surely not that perfect. Since the strategy starts with the charts of 4 hours, it is very likely that deeper trends will dominate, thus any signals displayed on the daily or weekly charts should be noticed and watched as well.


Hammish once said newbie may not be cut out for this strategy, though I believe he was just too cautious. This strategy is very basic and effective for the trading of short-term binary options, and surely suitable for traders of all skills, even newbies. Stopping newbies from putting their game into short-term binary options with super high risks is impossible, yet I can show them the right way with right strategies to boost their chances of success. I am quite sure many advanced traders have already been utilizing this strategy in one form or another, regardless of whether or not they know about the Three Ducks, or Hammish Raw.

The Fractal Guru Strategy
October 28, 2014 3:26 pm|Comments (0)

It came as a great confusion for me as why this strategy has a word “Guru” in its name. Normally anything coming with “Guru”, “Professional”, “Expert” or anything fancy like that makes me feel more skeptical than attracted. However, this strategy has something special in it, so I did give it a try using my Meta Trader 4 charts. It was created by NavinPrithyani and here is the link for the strategy http://forex-strategies-revealed.com/basic/fractal-guru-strategy. One reason this strategy has drawn my attention was that it utilized ADX (you can check out the article about ADX posted not long ago), Japanese candlesticks and Fractals (which will be explained in this article).

What are Fractals?

In trading, the term Fractals is different from that used in mathematics. It is part of a strategy created by Bill William, which I will not be elucidating in this article as it is obviously unnecessary. What you are advised to understand here is that a bullish Fractal is the formation of five candles in which the low of the middle candle is lower than the lows of the other four candles in the formation. Conversely, a bearish Fractal is the formation of five candles in which the high of the middle candle is higher than the highs of the other four candles. If you feel that these words confuse you, let’s view an illustration:

The Fractal Guru Strategy 01

The illustration above shows us what a bullish Fractal formation of five candles looks like (and we will have a bearish Fractal if we reverse this picture). Identifying a Fractal may seem a bit difficult at first, but it is actually very easy and simple if you just focus on the grey arrow at the bottom of the middle candle, which illustrates a Fractal identified by the Fractal indicator. Fractal indicator is a tool designed to help to identify Fractals quickly and accurately. In such a modern world, Fractal indicator is not something very strange or extraordinary, so having one is easy and very useful.

Both ADX and Fractals indicators are integrated in the Meta Trader 4 platform, so if you want the Fractals to appear on your charts, just click: Insert – Indicators – Bill Williams – Fractals for the Fractals and Insert – Indicators – Trend – Average Directional Movement Index for the ADX. You need to bear in your mind that the grey arrow can disappear until the fifth candle isn’t closed, simply because Fractal is the formation of five candles. Trades will be entered upon the opening of the third candle following where the Fractal is manifested. These words may seem a bit boring and confusing, so let’s get to the exciting part of this strategy:

How to use the “Fractal Guru Strategy”

This Fractal strategy depends greatly upon the ADX and Calls are only taken when the ADX is on the rise, the Red dotted line is below the Green dotted line and a complete Fractal is manifested (all five candles are closed). Just to be more cautious in this strategy, we decide trades are only entered when the candle matching with the grey Fractal arrow has a long wick on the side of the grey arrow and a short wick on the other side. This illustration will help you have a clearer idea of this strategy:

The Fractal Guru Strategy 02

The above picture illustrates what a valid Call entry looks like in accordance with this strategy. For a Put, everything must be reversed, with the exception of the ADX blue line that must be on a rise just the same as in the case of a Call. This is because the Blue line of ADX displays the strength of a move instead of its direction. Let’s look at a brief summary of both Put and Call entries:

Call Entry:

  1. bullish Fractal must be fixed/locked in/fully established (all 5 candles are closed)
  2. ADX Blue line is steadily RISING
  3. The candle matching with the grey Fractal arrow must have a long wick pointing towards the Fractal arrow and a short wick point to the other side
  4. The Red dotted line is BELOW the Green dotted line

Put Entry:

  1. bearish Fractal must be fixed/locked in/fully established (all 5 candles are closed)
  2. ADX Blue line is steadily RISING
  3. The candle matching with the grey Fractal arrow must have a long wick pointing towards the Fractal arrow and a short wick point to the other side
  4. The Red dotted line is ABOVE the Green dotted line


The first bad thing about this strategy is that it is very difficult to follow. If you are a beginner in this field, you must feel so confused and baffled with all the rules, ADX lines, formation of five candles, etc. The explanation for the opening entry point of the third candle after the grey Fractal arrow appears is also pretty confusing. The rules are also ambiguous and traders can make lots of interpretation from their contents. For example, “when the ADX is trending by seeing the blue line rising steadily…” This is the original wording of the strategy as in its creation document, so what does this sentence refer to? How long should the ADX go on the steady rise and which values are deemed safe for the strategy? The strategy explanation doesn’t give us clear answers, so the best we could do is to make interpretation from what it says. Perhaps, this strategy is for advanced traders who know how to spot a steadily rising ADX easily. A beginner will meet great difficulties.


Despite its complication, the strategy is built based on strong principles generating trades with high probability. This means we are making trades with the trend as soon as the ADX is on a rise and the Fractal formation is in fact the retracement. And the best place a join a trend is none other than after the retracement. In addition, we have the long wick rule: the candle having a long wick mentioned in this strategy bears much resemblance to a Pinocchio bar (a Pin bar) that is a reversal candle. The Pin bars have always stayed amongst my favorites as they have displayed their effectiveness in real practice. Their extra confirmation also brings benefits to the strategy.


Trend following strategies have always been my preferred ones since they create high-quality and safe entry points. However, personally I don’t consider the ADX as the best indicator for trend, or at least it is not utilized as a main indicator of a strategy. Fractals are just too difficult to follow and their complication well exceeds their actual performance and power. They can also be re-painted easily, which means an arrow appears and then disappears when the next candle is printed. In general, the principle of the strategy is great, but what it shows in real practice is simply too subjective and very confusing. In conclusion, it is the traders who use this strategy that make all the differences. It can bring profits to some traders, while only losses and confusion to many others.

The Floor Trader Strategy
October 25, 2014 3:21 pm|Comments (0)

In this article I will be discussing a very basic strategy that was used as one of my first strategies when I got into this business, and still among my preferred ones. Frankly speaking, it took quite a large amount of time just to get the idea of this strategy, mostly because of the lack of my experience back then. In this article the strategy will be discussed in layman’s terms to be much easier to understand than its original form in which I think the terms and phrasing used by the developer are pretty complicated. You can view the original form of this strategy for Forex here in this link: http://www.trading-naked.com/FloorTraderMethod.htm. This strategy is a trend-following one, and that’s why I like it. In order to recognize the trend, 2 Exponential Moving Averages with periods of 9 and 18 will be utilized. The trend determination will be done with the positioning and angle of the 2 Moving Averages, and the pattern created during the retracement will be utilized to perform market entry. Below is the description of this strategy in details with all its principles.

How to use the Floor Trader Strategy

Before going into further details, we should learn to understand the definition of retracement in this strategy. A retracement can be explained as a slight increase in prices during a downtrend and a slight decline during an uptrend. Retracements are counter-trend movements. When they are finished, the trend usually gets back to its track. The retracements play an important role in our strategy here because the entry patterns take place during the retracement. In an uptrend, the trigger of our entry is the first candle to reach above the high of its previous candle, determining the retracement end and the uptrend continuation; and in a downtrend, vice versa. Look at the following picture:

The Floor Trader Strategy 01

The best entries are those found after a retracement containing 2-5 candles. The rules of entries are as follows. They may seem difficult to understand at first, but in the end, they will turn out very simple and logical.


An Uptrend is recognized by:

1. The 18-EMA line is below the 9-EMA line

2. Prices trading above both EMAs

3. The slope of either or both of the EMAs is upwards. (At times the 9 EMA will be below the 18, but curving upward and about to cross it, which is acceptable)

Number 1 above is the primary identifier; prices must first trade above both 9 EMA and 18 EMAlines – subject to the two conditions as follows:

1. Price is “significantly” distant above the lines (before the retracement to cross the EMA lines), or

2.Price is above the lines for 3 candles minimum.

Entry signals have three types: Level 1 (L1), Level 2 (L2) and Level 3 (L3). L1 is the strongest signal. The next is L2. L3 is the weakest signal and should be traded with great care.

The LEVEL 1 Call signal(long):

After identifying a decline retracement and an uptrend is determined, look out for:

  • At least one candle touches the 18-EMA line (or goes slightly below it), and
  • Price to decline and enter the area between the 9 and 18 EMA lines
  • When the 18-EMA has been touched, find a candle that reaches above the high of its previous candle by at least one pip. (Trigger candle)

The LEVEL 2 Call signal (long): (akin to the L1 signal and may appear prior to it)

After identifying a decline retracement and an uptrend is determined, look out for:

  • Price to decline and enter the area between the 9 and 18 EMA lines
  • A Call signal Trigger candle appears before the 18-EMA is touched. The market starts to move up without touching the 18-EMA (which is the normal trigger for the L1signal).

The LEVEL 3 signal (long):

After identifying a decline retracement and an uptrend is determined, look out for:

  • Price to decline but it DOES NOT enter the area between the 9 and 18 EMA lines, or price merely touches the 9-EMA line.
  • A Call signal Trigger candle appears above the 9-EMA. The market starts to  move up above both EMA lines (or merely slightly touches the 9-EMA line) following a minor retracement.

An L3 Call signal is only taken if it is the first signal in a new uptrend.

The Floor Trader Strategy 02

Qualified L3 Call signals arepretty rare. The most common ones are created when the market performance is at new highs in a “runaway” rally, or following a strong consolidation.

Continuation Long Signals:

The first Call signal in the mentioned new uptrend should be closely watched irrespective of its condition as taken or not. If the trade comes to a halt or gets back to the breakeven point, refrain from acting on any additional long signal in the present uptrend. In this strategy, it is also highly advised that additional long signals not be taken unless they take place at significant distance above the first one. Generally, the first signals in a new trend provide the best trades. This means the top rate of success comes alongside a signal provided in the first retracement following an EMA crossover. And all of the rules must be reversed in the case of a Put signal.

The conditions and rules are quite complicated to grab, so let’s simplify them with illustrations as follows:

The Floor Trader Strategy 03


The first and most obvious bad thing about this strategy is the complicated set of confusing rules. It is a seriously big challenge for beginners and not many can keep their spirit with it. I was in that situation, and I did think of quitting every now and then. However, my decision was that I had to keep following the strategy and it was not very long before I could detect signals better and the need to regularly check the rule sheet went away. Another big disadvantage of this strategy lies in its inability to work well with ranging periods, which has been considered a weakness of trending strategies. However, there are other tools (such as ADX) designed for better trend identification that can help you avoid such problem. One more note: refrain from any trading if the two Moving Averages stay flat.


The basis of this strategy is amongst the strongest and most popular trading principles: the trend. Also, the best place to enter the trend is just after a retracement. As drawn from real practice, the retracement provides precise signals that take place very frequently, thus satisfying even busy investors who trade a lot. During a trend, traders can take multiple trades to maximize their profits, and if they take all the signals, the trading gains will be so huge.


This strategy, in my subjective opinion, works very effectively and remains my preferred strategy. Perhaps the EMA’s need some adjustments and the ranging markets could be avoided by using some other filters. If you want to check whether or not this Floor Trader Strategy is cut out for you, the best way to check is to use a demo account and test it and get used to it. You should make up your mind whether or not to use this strategy on a live account only after having done carefully forward testing and back testing. The rules may seem complicated and difficult to follow, but be confident and keep up your work, I am sure it will pay off.