24Option Down for Maintenance!

We notice that 24Option has been down in the morning today (14/12/2012). We tried to ping their server but couldn’t do so, that’s why we suspect they have server’s problem. Later in the day, 24Option eventually gets up a few hours later but their website still takes some time to load and trading still affects a bit due to the slow loading time. We’ve took some time to catch up with their support. Here’s what they explain the situation:

24option down

So, basically they are doing the regular maintenance in their server, however during that time, they’ve found out some issues in their security servers and they decide to upgrad it accordingly. That’s the reason why 24Option has been down for a few hours. They expect that the upgrade will take place and take time to update on their servers from all around the world. So, if your nearby server haven’t been updated yet, you could still have hard time to log into 24option and start trading. Luckily, today is Friday, no major financial news or big movers happening today, so trading should not been affected in large scale.

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Author: David Wilson