24Option Registration Tutorials

In order to start trading binary options via 24option’s website, you need to go through the registration process. You must complete all required fields and agree to accept all legal Terms and Conditions of the website. Once the registration form is completed, you will be sent a validation e-mail. Registration at the website occurs when the you click on the activation code located in the validation e-mail’s text.

24option registration

24option states clearly that you take all responsibility for making sure that your trading via 24option’s website is in compliance with all of the regulations in the country where you live. 24option reserves the right to refuse registration to those individuals who reside in countries where 24option does not wish to do business.

24Option Initial Deposit

You need to make an initial deposit with a minimum amount of $250 or the local currency equivalent to start trading via 24option’s website. You can make deposits using their Visa, MasterCard credit cards or by using bank wire transfers, additionally you are able to deposit and withdraw via popular online e-wallet payment like Liberty Reserve and MoneyBookers. Your account balance must be sufficient to cover all of their open option positions at all times.

You can choose whether to make their initial deposit in U.S. Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euros. However, once that first deposit is made, the account trading currency will be fixed and it cannot subsequently be changed.

For further details on how to make initial and subsequent deposits, please scroll down to read more.

24Option Terms and Conditions

It’s also worth to note that you are responsible for reading and understanding the terms and conditions under which 24option operates and that cover all investments that are undertaken via 24option’s website.

24option terms and conditions

24Option Banking

You can make deposits and withdrawals from your trading account by choosing the
Banking tab from the home page of the 24option website as shown below:

24option banking

24Option Deposits

When you click on the Banking tab from the home page, the website will then
immediately open the Deposit screen. To make a deposit, you will need to perform the following three steps:

1. Select a deposit method from the menu located on the left side of the form.
2. The necessary details marked with an asterisk must all be entered in the form.
3. The deposit process needs to be confirmed by clicking the ‘Deposit’ button.

Deposits made will be acknowledged by 24option’s website.

24Option Withdrawals

You can make withdrawals from your trading account by choosing the Banking tab from
the home page of the 24option website and then choosing the ‘Withdrawal’ tab from
the resulting menu on the Banking Page. Making withdrawals is a simple process.

1. Enter the desired withdrawal amount into the provided form and then click ‘Next’ at
the bottom of the form.
2. The system will determine if additional information is necessary for withdrawal. If so, you will be prompted to enter it.
3. Click the ‘Withdraw’ button to complete the withdrawal request.

Pending Requests: You can access the Pending Requests section by choosing the
Banking tab from the home page of 24option’s website and choosing the ‘Pending
Requests’ tab from the menu on the Banking Page. The Pending Requests page might
look like this:

This report will display all of the credit and debit requests that are currently in the
system awaiting approval. Such requests can also be cancelled from this page by
clicking on the corresponding Cancel button.

24Option Banking History

You can access the ‘History’ section by choosing the Banking tab from the home page
of 24option’s website and then choosing the ‘History’ tab. The History page will look
like this:

24option banking history

This report will display the history of all of the deposits and withdrawals you have made
from your account. Any deposit or withdrawal requests that are still pending can be
instead accessed by clicking on the Pending Requests tab.

You can filter such historical transactions by:

Action: Select a type of action where you can show all transactions or just withdrawals or deposits.
Date: Enter From and To dates to filter trades within a particular date range.

You can also sort the columns in the History report according to each of the transaction
parameters listed.

For more information about 24option, read 24option review.

Bonus Video: 24Option Easy Strategy

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