24Option Scam Test

24Option used to be one of the most useful online platform for binary traders. But it has been blamed for being a scam recently. To figure out the truth for yourself, you will have to perform a 24Option scam test.

24Option Scam Test

If you would like to do 24Option scam test, then measure these points,

  • License – Their valid license is published on their website.
  • FSC (BV) controlled – 24Option is controlled by FSC (BV) regulations which guarantee all the cash transactions handled by the company safely. There are also measurements to ensure that peculation of funds doesn’t happen around your investments.
  • Reviews – For more information about 24Option, you could read 24Option review. Many people are earning regularly by performing smart trading.

24Option Scam – The Problem

As mentioned, 24Option is free from scam by itself. It is legal company. Its transactions and dealing is in obedience to the law. However, what’s the reasons for the problem that so much of chaos about the 24Option still exist. It’s found out that the main reason is not the company but the presence of some faulty brokers. As any other Internet business, there are some people trying to fake traders on 24Option. Particularly because of its lucrative profits, fakers try to misuse the setup. You could end up with a crisis situation unless you verified the credentials of your broker properly. To avoid that situations, you just need to choose broker vigilantly.

Therefore, 24Option scam is not a real scam on the company’s part. If the traders make sure that they are trading with trustworthy brokers, all transactions are safe and they will get real good benefits.

24Option Scam Test: Rating

These points are given to 24Option broker depend on our rating standard:

  • Friendly Platform for User: Our Team Rate as excellent which will give 24Option 10 Points 
  • Number Of Assets : 37 Assets to trade which will give 10 Points to 24Option
  • First Time Deposit : 24Option First Time Deposit Bonus is 100% which will give 10 Points 
  • Deposit And Withdrawal Options : 24Option Has More than 5 Different Deposit/ Withdrawal Methods ( Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, Moneybooker, Moneygram, Liberty reserve , Cash-U and more ) which will give 24Option 10 Points 
  • Customer Support / Live Chat / Telephone Number Availability 
    • Customer Support  : +5 Points 
    • Live Chat : +5 Points 
    • Telephone Number Availability : +5 Points  
  • Regulated Broker ? Yes which will give 24Option 10 Points 
  • Demo Account ? Yes which will give 24Option 5 Points 
  • Our Rating : Our Team Rate 24Option with 24 Points 

 24Option Overall rating is: 99/100 

24Option general information

24Option is one of the first Binary Options Brokers that opened up in 2010. 24Option uses TechFinancials Trading Platform, which is considered one of the best trading platform available nowadays. 24Option has superior payout that up to 95%, which is much higher than other brokers such as Binary Option Brokers, who offers payout only from 71% to 89%. Traders need to deposit a minimum of 250$ to start trading on 24Option. Recently, they’ve added 60s options, which would be suitable for scalper and fast traders who could handle stress well.

24option review
24Option provides a very large range of underlying assets. Since their starting day, they’ve added more assets in their trading platform continuously, which’s a good sign for future. They have both Forex and Stock majors, which I think would be enough for the big portfolio trader. However, there’s a slight negative that they only offer 3 asset in Commodities, but our believable source has revealed that they’ll have more commodity assets in the near future. They also offer some Asian Stocks and Indices, which is good for you to trade from Asia. Existent European-based stocks and indices are enough in my opinion.24Option support is one of the factor led to my decision to trade with 24Option. I believe that if the company is serious enough, they’ll try their best to make their customer satisfied. I have a habit of asking live support anytime I have questions and I could say that I’m satisfied with the answer given by 24Option support. They’ve been very helpful to me. There’s also live webinar and video series which teach new traders to get familiar with Binary Options. I rate their support the best out there. Make use of it.

Trade Binary Review Video:

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