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The principle of fund withdrawal
Withdraw Money

The fund withdrawal process in 24option has been built to be as easy and still secure as possible. Maybe it can compete with the funding process in term of ease and convenience. Before withdrawing money from the account, traders need to log into their account and navigate to the banking page, then select the “Withdrawal” button. A form will appear. Fill in the form and click on “Next.”

Methods of withdrawals

The policy of 24option on fund withdrawal specifies that all money withdrawals from the system must be processed to the initial source of the funds.
Should the value of the request for fund withdrawal exceeds that of the amount put into the account by credit card, the remaining value will be sent via wire transfer.

  • For strict compliance with anti-money laundering policies, the following sets of documents are required to qualify for the first withdrawal:
    Official valid ID with picture
  • Proof of address
  • For funds deposited with credit card: the front and back of the credit card; and the last 4 digits.

Traders should take note that should a trader use many different credit cards to deposit funds, the documents as listed above are applicable for each and every of the cards.

Customers will receive notification via emails for the documents requested by the system. Not until all of the documents have been submitted and confirmed will the withdrawals be processed.

Withdrawal charges in 24option

As per trader’s account level in 24option, the withdrawal charge will be adjusted accordingly:

  • REGULAR account: Free first withdrawal
  • GOLD account: 01 free withdrawal per month
  • PLATINUM account: Free withdrawals
  • FEES:┬áSkrill (Moneybookers): 2%
  • CREDIT CARD: 3.5%
  • Wire fee: 20GBP/ 25EUR /2500JPY / 30USD /
  • Neteller: 3.5%

The amount of withdrawal via wire transfer must exceed: 10,000JPY/ 100USD /100GBP/ 100EUR/611CNY

An additional fee might be included as per intermediary banks’ regulations.

Is there any specific time for me to make withdrawals?

Withdrawal requests can be made at any time via the official website of 24option. Please note that not until all of the required documents have been submitted and confirmed will the withdrawals be processed. Withdrawals are only processed during the working hours of the financial institutions.

Is there any minimum amount for withdrawals?

For Moneybookers in 24option, no minimum amount is applied for withdrawals.

Will I have any limit of withdrawal?

Withdrawals must be made in correspondence with the amount balanced in the account.

How long does it take for the money to be completely transferred?

Requests for withdrawals are processed as soon and quickly as possible. 24option aims at minimizing the time needed for the money transferals. As soon as you submit the required documents as listed above for the verification of fund withdrawal, 24option will immediately start processing your withdrawal request.

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Author: David Wilson