5 steps to avoid binary options scam

Binary Options has become more and more popular as a new channel of investment. In fact, we’ve seen a lot of traders who switch from Forex to Binary Options as their main investing channel because binary option seems to be more appealing to them. However, with the increasing in number os prospective customers, it appears that more and more shady, unregulated, off-shore brokers are operating for fast bucks. They can’t survive in the long haul due to bad reviews but a dozen investors would be enough for them. Binary Options scam not only scare off traders, but it’ll bring bad image to binary options industry in general. Therefore, here are 5 steps to avoid getting scam by binary options broker.

1.       First of all, the most important thing is make sure you check our ranking table: binary options broker review;  we have taken a great deal of time and effort to collect information on binary options broker in order for you to get the most natural, informative review. Not only we review brokers for one time off, but we track the complaints and update it on daily basic to keep you up-to-date. Remember that, a good broker could turn out to be a bad one any day.

2.       A real broker will place their prospective clients on top of the priority; they want their clients to be happy to continue trading with them. So, don’t hesitate to call them, chat with them, and email them. See whether they are responsive, see whether they know what they are talking about, and see whether they respect their prospective client. Most of the time, a quick, responsive and knowledgeable support belong to a legitimate broker.

3.       Look at their starting date, a good reliable broker should be in service for at least a year. I’m not saying that a newly-opening broker will be a bad one, but why not stick to the already-established one. Scammer will most likely to look for fast cash, when there’s overwhelming bad reviews on them, they’ll just be gone and start another fresh binary options service.

4.       Look at the country which broker bases their headquarter on. Look for a country with good regulatory infrastructures because in some country, they just don’t care much about gambling regulation, so your money will most likely not being protected properly. It comes to our notice that, it’s best to stick with European or USA company.

5.       Ask around, ask your friend, post on forum for review of any specific broker. Don’t hesitate because it’s your money after all, take care of it. Other people will be glad to help you out, even with payment proof and all if the broker is a real deal.

If you’ve done 5 steps above, I believe you are on course to find a very good and reliable broker to stick with. Always keep an open mind and stay alert because after all, it’s our hard-earned money being invested, it should be respected and protected properly, so that we could concentrated purely on trading, not anything else. In conclusion, if you have any suggestion or any scam report, please contact us using contact form or simply comment below.

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Posted by Kiv Silvar
October 13, 2012 at 9:11 pm

Thanks for the honest article. Gotta agree that if I’m visiting this site earlier, I wouldn’t be scammed by Vipbinary. Doh!

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Author: David Wilson