60Options Review

In the world of online binary options brokers, it’s really hard to set yourself aside from similar trading platforms. But 60Options have somehow made it.

General Information

  • Broker Name: 60 Options
  • Company: IP International service
  • No. 304080
  • Head-quarter: IP International service, 788 Finchley Road, Londres, NW117TJ, United Kingdom

Nowadays in the world of online broker, 60 Options is really well-known since they are the first launcher of 60 second options, almost the same time as TradeRush. They are considered as the innovator, who inspires the “speed trading” to the world. Thanks to the platform conceived by SpotOptions, this online broker using secret technology in order to offers flawless execution to its clients.

60Options Review: Platform

Operated in 2012, 60Options is in the group of youngest online brokers that earns a lot of successes in spite of its short existence. Within a minute, adventurous traders of 60 Options can make their money from in-the-money trades. It also attracts investors because of opportunities to trade on rapid profitable investment in a huge number of potential chances. However, some conservative investors are still doubtful to the 60 second options, some still consider it as type of gambling, but no one could ignore the returns for its traders as well as the reputation of newcomer 60 Options.

The specific feature that only exists on 60 Options is its rare required minimum amount. Thanks to this, there is no money barrier so that even amateurs could make trade with only $5 after depositing $20. Only $5 and a minute away from first experience of stock market investment, who can ignore such benefit like it?

60Options Review: Bonus Code

Through binaryoptionsdailyreview.com, you will receive a bonus of 60% instead of 30% of your first deposit. Following some simple steps that are guide thoroughly on the homepage, you will definitely know how to use the BOBNET60 promotion code to receive that extra. Moreover, in case you win 10 consecutive trades, you will receive a gift of $1,000 funded directly to your trading account. In case the number of your consecutive successful trades is 30, an iPhone 5 will belong to you immediately!

Even though only offering 12 tradable assets including 11 currency pairs, 60 Options owns many other qualified features, which is more than enough to compensate for this lack.

Under construction of the famous group “IP International Service” with a quarter-office locates in London, England; 60 Options really brings peace for customer’s mind because of its reputation as well as conscientious serves. The 24/7 supporting service and the experience of technical analysis from TechFinancials are connectible via live chat, telephone or email. These advisors are responsible for your maximum benefit by delivering relevant information on the market.

60options review

An application for trading on 60 Options platform via iOs devices has already published to be take advantage of.

60Options Review: How to use this bonus

Following such simple steps below in order to take advantage of the exclusive bonus:

1, Click on one of the provided links then open up an account on bonusbinaryoptions.net.

2, Connect with customer supportive service using live chat, email or telephone.

3, Provide them the promo code “BOBNET60”. They will check whether you are eligible or not before accepting your redeem request.

In some case, you can ignore this bonus by reporting it to the supporting team instantly after your account creation.

Bonus conditions

In order to attain its aims, 60 Options has release a paragraph named “how to release and withdraw a bonus” on the homepage. According to this, abuse of bonus withdrawal is prevented by some certain conditions. You have to trade at least 20 times the total of bonus and deposit amount within at least 30 days. For example, you invest in $100 and get an extra bonus of $50. After at least 30 days, if the volume of your cumulative transactions is greater than or equal to $3,000, you can withdraw your $50 bonus.

60 Option Review: Regulation

Currently, 60 Options hasn’t regulated yet. It is looking forward to license from the CySEC and AMF and Banque de France. It is believed to be regulated in the very near future since the required application had already submitted.

60Options Review: Methods of deposits

Both credit card and wire transfer is available. You can choose among them the most suitable method since wire transfer is charged for intermediary in spite of its rapidity.

Withdrawal Methods and Conditions

You have to withdraw at least €100 each time through credit card, bank transfer as well as check. No smaller withdrawal request to be allowed.

As mentioned above, using bank transfer will cost you $25 and $10 by check plus postage fees.

60Options Review - 60Options Scam?
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