Banc de Binary get CySEC License

It’s a hell of a long wait and it’s finally official; Banc de Binary had kept their promises and become a regulated Binary Options brokers. Banc de Binary has just announced yesterday that they have become the first Binary Options broker to be licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It’s huge news for both traders and Binary Options industry in general.

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Banc de Binary get regulated by CySEC

With the said regulation, at the moment, Banc de Binary becomes one of the few Binary Options brokers that are fully regulated and licensed to a famous regulation body. Attained the CySEC license means that Banc de Binary will fully abide to CySEC laws and regulations, if they are due to break the rules, they will be penalized accordingly. The CySEC regulation issues that Banc de Binary will have to follow and offer a fair and safe Binary Options trading environment and therefore, respect and abide to the laws and regulations of European Union.

Here’s the official certificate that recognize Banc de Binary to be regulated by SySEC (the certificate is in Greek, we cound’t get the English version)

Banc De Binary CySEC Licence

Banc de Binary was always leading the chase for a CySEC license. The fact is that, they were one of the first few Binary Options broker to apply for the CySEC license and it’s no surprise that they are the first one to get regulated by CySEC.

Cyprus, the government regulator of the CySEC license, is a member of European Union; therefore, traders from European Union countries will be protected and their fund is secure with the protection of Cyprus. Traders, now, will have a free state of mind when they deposit funds with a Binary Options broker because they are getting assurance from regulation bodies.

Additionally, it’s clearly stated in the regulation of CySEC as well as European Union that Binary Options have to respect any traders regardless of their country of origin. It basically means that the same treatment and traders’ protection will be applied regardless of trader’s country of origin. For example, traders from outside EU, like USA or Canada, will get the same protection and treatment like traders from European Union states.

So, in conclusion, even if Banc de Binary haven’t been able to acquire the regulation in certain countries because of different framework and process, trading at Banc de Binary is safe and secure under the protection of a higher regulation body. Regulation requirement and certain safety standards will be imposed under the CySEC acts to provide a safe trading environment to financial speculators and investors.

What’s about Banc de Binary?

banc de binary review

Banc de Binary is and always been one of the fast growing Binary Options brokers and currently serve very large number of traders, it’s believed that they’ve surpassed over 200,000 account holders. They have main headquarter in USA and not so long ago, they’ve opened a new office in Cyprus. Obviously their move is to work closely with CySEC and to get their Binary Options trading license in European Union.

With Banc de Binary, you could trade over 80 trading assets including Major Currency Pairs, Stocks, Commodities as well as Indices. They also run occasional webinars, video guides and eBooks to help traders who are new to Binary Options trading.

Recently, Banc de Binary published an interview with their CEO – Oren Laurent who discusses about Binary Options trading in general and his promise to get Banc de Binary regulated soon. It has happened now and he has gained huge reputation for keeping his words. Oren Laurent also introduces to new traders on how to open an account and trade Binary Options with Banc de Binary himself.

Simple Banc de Binary Trading Strategy

For more information about Banc de Binary, read Banc de Binary Reviews. If you have any comments or suggestion, please feel free to do in the comment session below.


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January 19, 2013 at 5:34 am

Hello sir my name is Dennis King it’s really a great news to hear that Banc de Binary get CySEC License. It’s huge news for both traders and Binary Options industry in general.
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