Banc De Binary Interview Features Oren Laurent

Banc De Binary is undoubtedly, one of the most popular SpotOption Binary Options brokers. Banc De Binary has recently launched a new advertising campaign which featuring their CEO: Oren Laurent who talks publicly about his vision, reasons for Banc De Binary and he himself guides traders to trade with Banc De Binary.

It’s the very first time, CEO of a Binary Options broker appears on the camera to the public and Oren Laurent has shares with traders the reasons why and how Banc De Binary was found and its visions in today’s market. When being asked what’s the most important factors that he choose to purse Binary Options industry, Mr. Laurent said “the simplification of the industry, it helps traders to get into market with ease and in an amazing speed.” He also emphasize on one of the standout features and characteristic of Binary Options, which’s its simplicity; he said “Binary Options is so simple that literally the same action that you could repeat everyday, the same actions that you can take online while being profitable.”

Regulation is also being discussed in the event that Binary Options industry is relatively new and Oren Laurent doesn’t hesitate to answer such question: “It’s a wonderful thing! Both for the trader and for the company.” He also continues to explain the function of proper regulation, which’s the government agency where its main job is to protect traders instead of relying on the company. Oren Laurent also brought good news that Banc De Binary will soon be regulated by CySEC. Having regulated by CySEC, Banc De Binary will have the ability to attract wider range of clients across the continents. Banc De Binary will then be able to advertise in 29 CySEC member countries in Europe as well as touch base in UK to get regulation with the FSA in UK. Since Binary Options industry is quite new, it often receives critics for being lack of regulation. That doesn’t really concern Oren Laurent and he said Foreign Exchange market (Forex) is also a mess a few years ago but now, it’s perfectly regulation; and he implies Binary Options is just simply going through the early part of that Forex brokers have overcame.

Oren Laurent said he’s not surprised by the exponentially growth in Binary Options industry and he expect that Binary Options will challenge Forex market in the next three to four years. Currently, Banc De Binary has four offices around the globe and they expect to have six by the end of 2013.

Another matter that’s being discussed in the interview is Binary Options education, education is something that is really missing on Binary Options trading also. Most traders, who trade Binary Options, don’t have necessary knowledge requirements for profitably trading but they just want to “jump the guns” to trade right away without enduring any hard work. Mr. Laurent provides a simple solution to that saying: “Our goal is to bring anybody who wishes to trade Binary Options, education them from A to Z and move on from that point.” In order to back up that statement, Banc De Binary has already released two books on how to trade Binary Options successfully and it’s on sale on Another book is in process of publication and it’s set to be out to the public in early 2013.

Oren Laurent also see a bright outlook for Banc De Binary in 2013 and he expects his company to cross the half a million account mark and he also plans to get Banc De Binary properly regulated by two regulation bodies in early this year. We are all expecting to see such news and below are the videos interview that features Oren Laurent. Enjoy!

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Author: David Wilson