Banc Options Review

Recently, there are too many spreads of scam rumors in the world of binary options that arouse suspicions among traders about new entrances of brokers. Banc Options is one of those new comers that have to endure such nonsense doubts from wary investors. Inexperienced investors have too small chances to learn about this broker’s legitimacy thoroughly via reviews. However, truth remains truth. A deeper research has turned a few important facts to Banc Options. These real facts have proven that Banc Options is definitely a niche in an otherwise convoluted market for binary options trading.

Banc Options Review: General Information

First of all, Banc Options is under management of ChargeXP Investments Ltd. This well-known company only manages 16 other trading websites among millions of binary options market, including famous names such as Global Trader 365, TradersRoom, Options365, and TraderEasy.

Secondly, Banc Options is powered by the SpotOption platform. This notable trading engine also powers for other popular platforms like Banc de Binary, iOption, and OptionRally.

banc options reviewBased on the positive reputations of those seasoned trading platform, we strongly believe in the viability of Banc Options as a binary options broker. Take a quick glance at the appearance of Banc Options; you can immediately claim that it has no difference from other famous website. The same dynamic trading window with call/put options and the expiration time running on the side. It’s completely a copy-cat of many binary options broker platforms on the web. In this certain case, the acquaintance of Banc Options increases some level of credence for many investors instead of boredom.

Banc Options Review: Trading Features

No confirmation of the current baseline knowledge about Banc Options has made yet. Hence, all of offered information on its website becomes primary trustworthy evidences.

On these offered issues, profitable percentage of in the money trades is 75% whereas a reimbursement of up to 10% is available for out of the money trades. Banc Options offers a huge range of tradable instruments. The Index list contains such stock names as Citigroup, Microsoft and Apple from the US, Lukoil from Russia, Tata Motors from India, and many others. Common currencies are also well represented as are commodities like coffee, sugar, and the ubiquitous gold-silver-platinum triumvirate. Indices spawn a wide array of markets from the Nikkei 225 to the Tel Aviv 25 and the NASDAQ. Totally, we have counted an impressive list including 28 index assets, 6 commodities, 15 currency pairs, and 33 stocks. As expectations, those plentiful lists is available for all transactions of existent options like the original Call/Put, the One Touch as well as the most complicated Option Builder.

bancoptions review

On the homepage of the platform, any trader could updates all of the market changes continuously and constantly via the feed of the Reuters. This legitimate source of industry-recognized data is really helpful for trading.

Banc Options Reivew: Ease of Use

As a junior of a successful broker, Banc Options has a lot of advantage in comparison with other new comers. It is allowed to inherit successful technology as well as invaluable experiences. It utilizes all of unique features from its seniors of ChargeXP to build up its own professional trading platform. From the first glance, we will be impressed by its clever look. The layout is neat, the top and the bottom tabs are labeled properly. Useful resources and necessary information are in appropriate order, which will maximize the level of convenience for all investors.

However, there are still some difficulties that the number of Banc Options’ loyal customers face because of its disadvantages. As mentioned, hardly can we find a review articles about this broker, so ease of use is a fairly sketchy area. Another disadvantage comes from the language barrier. The platform only appears in English and Russian. This problem will be solved certainly since they have claimed that there will be more additional language in the near future. The main problem at the moment is its inaccurateness. Even when the language option is set to “English”, there are still plenty of Russian texts floating across the screen. We have to state that there will be no investor would insist on making trades on a web that contains tons of incomprehensible texts.

Banc Options Review: Final Words

No doubt that Banc Options is a potential broker, who obtains a firm bracket of so many advantages, experiences and advance techniques. However, in order to live up to the reputation of a “global trading platform”, Banc Options still has a long way to go with tons of to-do works. The language barrier, the customer supporting service and the operation, they are all needed to be fixed inside out.

Even though we strongly believe that ChargeXP will take the necessary steps to grow the trading avenue into a more prominent destination on the web. We may change our negative perspectives in the future, but we warn binary options investors of insecurity in the operation of Banc Options. Think carefully before deciding to collaborate with Banc Options since they haven’t had any move that show their improvement yet.

Banc Options Review
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Author: David Wilson