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binary options australiaParticipating in any market requires not only the individual skills but also some specific knowledge of that market; and the Australian financial market is no exception. One of the most important aspects of this market is that unlike some other markets that are regulated by the nation’s central bank, it operates under a regulatory authority named AFXC, which is short for Australian Foreign Exchange Committee. This special committee plays the role of the official representative for the Australian financial market and strives to fulfill various objectives relevant to its regulation. Below are the best Binary Options brokers for Australian traders:

NoBrokersUSAReturnsBonusMin. Deposit 
2StockPair90%100% $200
3IQ Option93%80%$10

It is generally of utmost importance that the markets are stable enough for seamless trades to take place so some corresponding objectives have been set out to achieve this. As you could see, stockpair comes top of the list and is the recommended binary options trading platform for Australian trader. For more information, read stockpair review.

A specially designed forum is recommended for all participants in the financial market as well as all binary options traders. These investors should be able to take advantage of this forum as a center of information exchange and discussion.

The committee’s main responsibility is to act as the link between RBA and the financial market. Besides, it has to take all possible steps to decrease risks and maintain low fluctuations in the market in order to develop and promote risk management.


With their responsibility and power to regulate Australian financial market’s liquidity and volatility, the AFXC has to take everything into careful consideration before making even the slightest move because the effect on the market can be considerable.

In other words, with its flexibility, the market will experience a change in its volatility even when there is one more member in the community. This is a crucial feature that all investors in general and binary options traders in particular should bear in mind while trading. In Australia, there are different ideas between institutions.

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