Binary Options Brokers Rating Criteria

In this article, you’ll find out how we rate the Binary Options broker and the reasons behind why some Binary Options broker rank better than others. There are several issues that we have to consider when we do our Binary Options Brokers Rating. We are trying to provide the best information you may need to start your binary trading. We do by heart in order to keep it easily, simply and safely for you.

Binary Options Brokers Ratings Criteria

 Here are some major issues that we use to rate Binary Options brokers:

1. Underlying Assets Availability: 

  • More Than 20 assets, broker gets 10 Points
  • More Than 15 assets, broker gets 8 Points
  • More Than 10 assets, broker gets 6 Points
  • More Than 05 assets, broker gets 4 Points

2. User Friendly Platform (10 Points): The result depends on the web’s overall view. Is it accessible, how it works, how friendly it is? The maximum point for this features will be 10 points.

3. Deposit Bonus

  • Up to 100%, broker gets 10 Points
  • Up to 80%, broker gets 8 Points
  • Up To 60%, broker gets 6 Points
  • Up to 40%, broker gets 4 Points
  • Up to 20%, broker gets 2 Points

4. Deposit And Withdrawal – Banking Options Availability

  • Up to 5 Different Deposit/withdrawal Options, broker gets 10 Points
  • Up to 3 Different Deposit/withdrawal Options, broker gets 8 Points
  • Up to 2 Different Deposit/withdrawal Options, broker gets 6 Points

5. Demo Account Availability

  • Demo account available, broker gets 5 Points
  • No demo account available, broker gets 0 Points

6. Broker Regulation Availability

  • If Yes, broker gets 10 Points
  • If No, broker gets 0 Points

7. Customer Support Options

  • Live Chat Available +5 Points
  • Telephone Number Available +5 Points
  • Customer Support in more than 3 Languages +5 Points

8. Our Rating

(+30 Points ): We will rate the broker upon the experience using the platform by our trader team.

Now, every Binary Options broker rated by our professional trader according to above criteria and the team is glad to help you out. Furthermore,  we will answer your questions anytime. We would be glad to help you choose the best binary options broker up on your language, deposit methods, withdrawal method.


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