Binary Options brokers that accept AmEx payment

amex binary options brokers

AmEx or American Express is one of the most popular credit card payment methods in North America, especially United States; therefore for those trading Binary Options, they want to know which Binary Options brokers accept deposit and withdrawal from AmEx. In this article, we’ll compose a list of AmEx Binary Options brokers – Binary Options brokers that accept AmEx as a form of deposits and withdrawals.

AmEx Credit Card

AmEx is popular form of money storage and payment because it’s easy and extremely safe to use. Using AmEx doesn’t require any special banking knowledge on users’ part and it’s a huge bonus to regular users.

In 1850, American Express (or better known in a shortened name as AmEx) was officially founded by 3 American men: Henry Wells, William Fargo and John Warren Butterfield. AmEx credit card is famous for its large money storage and extreme security; most high class people own an AmEx credit card, in recent survey has shown. AmEx provides its users a very safe mode to transact or receive money. There’s different type of AmEx credit card, notably the Green, Gold and the Platinum cards. All those cards above have their unique features and associated facilities that would suit the unique usage of each user.

AmEx Binary Options brokers

Following is the list of Binary Options brokers that accept AmEx as a primary form of deposit and withdrawal.


1. 24option

24Option starts offering Binary Options trading early in 2010. 24Option use TechFinancials Trading Platform and has the best payout compared to any other binary options broker, which’s up to 95% for certain assets. In order to start trading with 24Option, you’ll need to deposit a minimum amount of $250. After you deposit, you’ll have a demo account to test your strategy and you could switch back to trade demo anytime after you’ve already made the deposit. For more information about 24option, please read 24option reviews.

2. TradeRush

TradeRush is 2nd best rated- binary options broker. TradeRush is a favorite broker for scalper who like fast pace of 60 seconds options. TradeRush is the first broker to offer 60 seconds options and it has now been spread among a lot of brokers. TradeRush uses the CySEC regulated SpotOption platform as their trading platform. TradeRush payout is up to 81%. You are required to deposit $200 to start trading with TradeRush. A major advantage of using TradeRush is their minimum trade size; you only need to invest minimum $5 to make a binary trade. For more information about TradeRush, please read TradeRush review.

3. OptionFair

OptionFair launched their service back in 2009 and is considered one of the leading binary options broker in the industry. OptionFair use TechFinancials platform, which’s a pretty solid platform and it’s the favorite platform of many traders. OptionFair offers payout up to 89%, that’s considered a decent payout rate as most brokers offer their payout range from 71% to 85%. Recently, OptionFair has also implemented 60 seconds options in their trading platform, which shows that they do care a lot about their clients. The minimum deposit to start trading with OptionFair is $200; you’ll have a demo account along with it to test out your strategies. One major drawback for those who want to trade with OptionFair is that OptionFair doesn’t accept clients from USA. For more information about OptionFair, please read OptionFair Reviews.

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