Feature Review: Double Up

A lot of times, when the markets is running as you expected, you would want to fully capitalize on your prediction. Admittedly, it’s not easy to trade on the markets, but there’ll be times the opportunity presents itself like broad day light, you’ll need to make sure that you are ready to strike and scale up by using a very powerful features provided by Binary Options brokers. The feature mentioned is called the Double Up. Double Up tool has been my favorite tools for a long time when I’m right. I’m not right all the time, but when I’m right, I’ll make sure that I’ll make maximum profit: No Profit Left Behind is my motto.

what does the Double Up really do?

So, what does the Double Up really do? The Double Up feature lets you get into a trade instantly and it has the same trade amount, trade time-frame, trade direction with the already opened trade. If your trade is expired in 15 minutes and there’s 10 minutes left, at that time you see that the trade is going exactly like what you’ve planned. Click Double Up and a new trade will be executed instantly, on the same asset, in the same direction and with the same expiration as the previous trade.

When should we use Double Up feature

Timing is gold while trading Binary Options, the faster your trading is, the higher profit you’ll get. Binary Options trading just got faster everyday with the introducing of the 60 seconds options. Double Up features satisfy your demands to get in the market as fast as it possibly can: with one click of a button.

The main thing about the Double Up feature is SPEED. When the market is in your favor, scale it up and bank maximum profit when you are right. The Double Up feature allow you to get into the trade in just 1 click while the normal trade would take you a few clicks to get into position, at the time of the trade’s confirmation, the price may have gone where else. Therefore, in a certain situation, Double Up is definitely a very powerful tool, with one click of a button; you are in, no more. It’s lightning quick and suitable for the fast-moving market.

Binary Options Double Up

Additionally, when the market is in your favor, your previous trade is almost a sure-win. Enter another trade is kind of a risk-free trade. If you are losing on that trade, you’ve got the other trade covered, so thing to worry about. By taking advantage of the strong follow of the market, your Double Up trade will also have a high chance of winning because it’s following the trend. Like the oldies used to say: “the trend is your friend, so follow it”

How to trade Double Up

So, in real trading, where do we find the Double Up feature. It’s rather simple and very easy to find and apply:

  1. After you open a position, on the left of your browser, look at the sidebar called “Double Up” or “2X”, then enter. One click and you are in.
  2. After you open a position, look into the Pro Trader tab. Look at all of your current trade on the list and hit on the “2X” on the right of that current trade and you are done.

There’s a few rules you should know before using the Double Up feature:

  • The Double feature will double the initial investment, therefore increase risk on that investment.
  • You are able to Double Up your investment anytime.
  • The Double Up will expiry on the current rate, not the same rate as the one that trader has when he executes the trade.
Binary Options Double Up Feature
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Author: David Wilson