Binary Options Pro Signals Review

Binary Options Pro Signals is a signal services that have been around for some times. They generate trades and send out to users via alerts using what’s called ‘proprietary neural adaptive software’. To our curiosity and real demand for Live Account Binary Options Pro Signals Review, we’ve decided to subscribe one month Binary Options pro signals service to see whether the claimed figure 72.5% accuracy is correct. Given that figure is maintained, one could be confident to raise their account balance exponentially in very short period of time.
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Binary Options Pro Signals Pros and Cons


  • Simple and easy signal format
  • Have a lot of signals a month
  • Skype alert service available
  • Just $7 for 7 days


  • Require users to react quickly at the options signal
  • Sometimes send 30 minutes signal which doesn’t have in a few brokers.

Binary Options Pro Signals Basic

Binary Options signals are generated via alerts which are sent out via Email as soon as there’s potential trade entry is spotted. The job for trader is simple; all you need to do is to wait for that potential trade entry materialized and place the trade accordingly in your account. Then, simply wait to see if the trade is profitable. Basically there’s no fundamental or technical analysis required for trader, the trader’s job is to comprehend the signal and follow suit.

The assets that Binary Options pro signals usually trade with are the 7 major currency pairs: Eur/Usd, Gbp/Usd, Aud/Usd, USD/CHF, AUD/JPY, EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY. However, if you want additional assets like Gold, Crude Oild, Dow Jones, the S&P 500, etc you could choose to receive “Bonus Signals” for totally free of charge. This brings the total number of trading assets to over 10 assets which’s considered a high number of assets that regular trader could hardly have time or ability to follow. For us, we usually trade maximum 3 assets because it’s really hard to maintain 100% focus while watching all the charts, so, it’s bonus point for Binary Options pro signals in the aspect that you could get a lot of trades in different markets. Even if you hold a regular job, the opportunity to get a few trades a day is still plentiful since Forex pairs moving everyday, 24/5.

Try Binary Options Pro Signal for FREE 7 days

The sign up process is none of a hassle and a member area is provided where you check for today signal, results for the last trading days and history results from the service.

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Binary Options Pro Signals

The signals sent is for either a Call or a Put trade, below is a typical signal you may receive from Binary Options Pro Signals:

“Pro Signal Real Time Alert
Direction:  CALL
Price:  At or below  1.2500
Expiry:  11:00 ET (New York Time)”

As you could see, the information provided by the signal is straightforward: which asset to trade, which price to enter the market, the time set for options expiry and the expected direction of the market. This, we believe, is all self-explanatory, all you need to do is comprehend the signal, draw the line in the chart, waiting for the potential trade to happen in real time and place the trade accordingly.

According to the signal, you would buy a Call options (go Long) when the options is at 1.2500 market price or if the market has moved below that options level, it’s much better since we could buy the options at cheaper price. However, if you hesitate or somehow miss the Call options price and the market has already made an up-move, don’t chase the market. You need to wait for it to make a pull back to get in or just simple sit out of the trend and consider that’s opportunity wasted.

Psychologically, don’t feel bad if you miss an opportunity because that emotion could affect your trading performance in your subsequent trades. There’s a famous proverb which is “don’t catch the falling knife”, because literally it’s dangerous catching the falling knife; and the term is applied exactly in trading since chasing the move is just as dangerous as catching the falling knife. How psychology could affect our trading, read our article Why do traders fail?

It’s important to note that financial market move very quickly, within the blink of an eye and you could see your potential trading opportunity gone, therefore, it’s advisable that you react quickly and focus on the market as soon as you receive the alert. We want you to do well, so treat your trading as business, treat it as serious as it can be because at the end of the day, it’s your money being managed by you, not anyone else. So, make the investment worthwhile, treat trading as business and you’ll have the recipes of success.

There’s number of alternative way to receive the signal alert, you could either choose email or Skype. We believe that most people will choose skype because it’s an instant messenger. It’s obviously a preferable and quicker option.

In a month calendar, you could expect to receive from 20 to 30 alerts. Depend on the market condition, you could receive up to 40 alert but of course, the opposite holds true as well if we hit non-favorable market condition. So, be flexible and wait for the market, expect a busy day and also a day without any alert at all.

Binary Options Pro Signal scam?

With the 72.5% claimed accuracy ,it seems that they’ve proved themselves worth the price since in the first month; we got 74% In-The-Money and we extremely happy with the result since with only 55% In-The-Money, we could’ve come out of the month profitable. If they could maintain over 70% ITM consistently, we could expect good profit with the service. Just do simple math, depend on how aggressive you are, you could easily double your money invested in a month with 70% accuracy.

Try Binary Options Pro Signal for FREE 7 days

The only issue we face is the speed of the signal upon the time we receive the alert. Usually Binary Options Pro Signals use the short expiry, usually hourly expiry, so we need to act really fast to catch up with the market; however, after placing the trade, the only thing to do is waiting.

Having able to use Skype could ensure you receive notification almost instantly and also there’s a lot of broker offer mobile trading or table trading like 24option and traderush. So, basically trade as you go.

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Does Binary Options Pro Signal make money?

As mentioned earlier, we have around 74% ITM rate with Binary Options Pro Signals and we are extremely happy with the result. Out of 29 trades, there’s 20 accuracy rate and 9 Out-Of-The-Money trade; we believe the figure speak for itself, the accuracy rate is quite exceptional and the only question is whether they could maintain such figure. We’ll continue to have an account with them for upcoming months and will let you know the result.

Below is our LIVE result after a month trading with Binary Options Pro Signal (Click to enlarge)

binary options pro signal live result

Just be remind that, you’ll need to calculate the subscription cost, broker rebates when calculate the service’s profit and also the fact that, you might miss some opportunity because you won’t be able to be available the whole month to catch up the entire signals at the right time.

Final Conclusion

We are happy with the Binary Options Pro Signals service, but we can’t guarantee the same result could happen to you because it’s pretty much depend upon you to react the alerts you received and also the market condition for certain months.

We are all market professionals, so we comprehend things very easily, however probably for the novices; they need a little time to analyze the signals. Fortunately their support could help you understand the market pretty well; they provide lesions to the novices so that they could understand the market and are able to read the alerts successfully.

The final but most important thing is that we do make money from the service, and it’s a no-brainier not to try the service out for a week to see whether it suits you.

Try Binary Options Pro Signal for FREE 7 days

Binary Options Pro Signal Review - Is it profitable?
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Posted by Brennan Newfield
October 10, 2012 at 3:46 am

I’ve been investing almost entirely with binary options lately. I wouldn’t be able to succeed as much without Binary Options Pro Signals though. I had pretty good results with it; made a little over $1500 last month! It’s had great reviews all across the board…

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