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Binary options trading market is a fierce battle with so many ambitious participants. It’s difficult for a broker to catch attention of traders and keep them co-operated in a long time when there’re too many rivals, even with a leader. But it’s much more difficult to be in the best three in the war of brokers. Cedar Finance is the one who has reached that goal. Receiving an award of “best bonus in 2013” from our editor’s choice, Cedar Finance is one of the leading Binary Options brokers that are trustworthy since they are under control of CFTC –  a regulatory body. More than promotions for the first time deposit, Cedar Finance also offers a high payout rate at 81% as well as different advantages that please most of their customers, every trader is eager to trade with them. Let’s discover why Cedar Finance could well be in the top 5 brands of the world.

This review is only about Cedar Finance, one of the top pioneer brokers in binary options trading market. In this review, we are going to list advantages and disadvantages of this broker in an objective way to help you understand their work properly.

With a head-office placed in Cyprus and a lot of subsidiaries around the world, Cedar Finance promise to bring their service to customers at every corner of the world without any barriers of time zone or language. By using their friendly platform, traders are enable to access a wide range of assets to earn their money easily at high returns rate.

Cedar Finance Review: Binary Options Trading

There are so many different forms that will definitely make traders delightful, even with fastidious ones. Whenever you have an internet connection, this web-base platform is ready to serve you with variety of currencies if you like Forex. There are also stocks from Asia, America, Europe and Australia for people who have knowledge about company’s financial reports and balance sheets as well as indices from all around the world.

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Beside a wide range of trading assets, Cedar Finance also offers chances in various forms of trades like traditional Call/Put, short term 60-second, touch or no touch with unbelievable payouts as well as long term trade which could lasts a week.

Cedar Finance Review: High earnings

With its smoothness in processing, trading becomes as easy as 1-2-3 even with a rookie. You just need to follow these simple steps and wait for an end. First is selecting the assets, then fix your trade and decide your investment account. The last thing is make sure that everything is correct before clicking on a button to run the trade. Cedar Finance’s platform is really brings simplicity and convenience to their customers.

The service provided by Cedar Finance enables traders to make huge earning with very simple steps. The trading process is smooth and simple, as easy as 1-2-3. You select the assets; you fix your trade; and then you decide how much you want to invest; and then you simply set the trade running. The web platform really does make it easy to enter the world of binary options trading.

People who have been in this market for some times considers Cedar Finance is a company developed by traders for traders. This must be a reliable comment since they have so many experiences as being customers for many years with different brokers, they must have a lot of knowledge about many properties of the trade and their radical issues. With Cedar Finance, the first attractive thing is its elegance look. After that, even new traders will find out how useful the platform is when their trade is complete quickly with an informative guideline.

Cedar Finance is a company developed by traders for traders. It was conceptualized by people that have been in the industry for many many years and understand what it’s like to be on your end of the trading relationship. They therefore ensure usability, diversity of assets, and accessibility for new traders. The look and feel of the website is clean and fresh and navigation is simple. Decisions can be implemented fast and there is an array of guidance and information to help with the trading process.

CEDAR FINANCE REVIEW: Customer and Platform Support

If the customer supporting service of Cedar Finance is second, then there is no other deserves to be the first. They are on the way 24/7 to help their users solve problems. They not only having a certain base of knowledge about binary options trading, but also have experiences in dealing technical problems. You can connect with them by phone, email or live chat, the fastest way.

Cedar Finance offers a wide range of assets at the aim of maximizing customer’s satisfaction. More than 85 offered assets, traders have a lot of chance to challenge themselves with various time scales from 60 second to 24 hours and even longer with specific assets. However, it seems like Cedar Finance is only concentrate on European traders since they only have French, German, Italian and English. Sooner or later, it is believed that more languages will be supported.

There are lots of criteria to assert whether the broker is good or bad, one of them must depend on its customer supporting service. Of course, every broker has their own team to support their customers, but the fact is not all of them are as effective as customer’s expectations.

Cedar Finance’s platform also has its own FAQ page, which allows traders to clarify their doubts regarding the trading at any time. They have a system called the personal account managers, who is responsible for keeping customer’s personal information away from any third party. Not only asked problems are solved, Cedar Finance also provides a lot of benefits through this system to account holders such as special seminars, one-on-one training, etc. This system has received so many good feedbacks because of its effectiveness. Despite the fact that platform’s time zone is GMT- 1, the supporting service of Cedar Finance is available 24/7 through phone, email and live chat to help their clients as much as they could. During the process of working with this broker, we haven’t recorded any mistake in their reply, which could be the main reason keeps them in the top of best brokers in the world.

Cedar Finance Review: Controlled Trading with Cedar Finance

In binary options trading, accurate pricing is the key to huge victories. The importance is through a clear and transparent platform of Cedar Finance. Recently, Cedar Finance has introduced new innovation that allows adventurous traders to earn up their profits 9 times larger than the investment amount. With its versatile terms, traders are not only comfortable at depositing and withdrawing, they are also able to have many challenges with a variety of risk levels to choose.

Cedar Finance Review: Bonus and Promotion

Certainly, trading with Cedar Finance has a lot of benefits. First of all, traders have a lot of choices to practice before real trade. They offer training lessons, customer supporting service that always ready to answer expertise questions and tutorials. Plus, Cedar Finance offers chances to ask for professional advices from experts, which are really helpful to traders. With all those supportive tools, traders are totally confident to face with real trades, which will bring out the average percentage of payouts at 80%. Trading online is simpler than ever with this platform. After serious trainings, the results are definitely deserved for what you’ve spent. Don’t hesitate to open up an account and get extra bonuses from Cedar Finance today.

Cedar Finance Review: Account Registration

Compare to some other brokers, it’s totally free to open up an account for training at Cedar Finance. You just need to deposit a minimum account when it’s come to initial trades by different ways such as using debit/credit cards, CashU as well as the convinient Wire transfer. This broker is really friendly when accepting USD, EUR as well as GBP at the minimum deposit at $200 by using CashU and credit card. The credit cards finalizing the ceiling for the deposit amount of $5,000 whereas the bank wire transfer accepted the deposits without any upper limit. Cedar Finance also accept customers from all over the world, including USA, a lot of Binary Options brokers don’t accept US clients but Cedar Finance does. Read more about USA friendly Binary Options brokers.

Cedar finance EXCLUSIVE bonus of $6,000

Like other brokers, Cedar Finance also has special gift for customers on their first time deposit. This gift allows traders to have more experience at various kinds of trade, which help them create the most suitable portfolios and build up their own strategy to earn as much as they could. There are many level of extra bonus up on deposit amount and typical account. For example, for the first time, bonus could be up to $6,000 if you are a Gold investor, which requires for a maximum deposit at $9,999. Similarly, a Bronze account rewarded a 30 percentage bonus with the ceiling of $999, Silver account rewarded up to $4,999.

Cedar finance Demo Account 

At Cedar Finance, general accounts could be considered as demo accounts on platforms of other brokers because it’s totally free. It’s a unique feature of Cedar Finance that hardly can be found in the binary option trading market that attracts a lot of customers. Thanks to this feature, one can join this international trading world by providing their general personal information such as first name, last name, email address and phone number. Only this unique general account can help us evaluate how famous is Cedar Finance among traders, which is a result of the effectiveness of using high-tech software and top-notch services.

Cedar Finance Review: Payout

Trading binary options with Cedar Finance, traders will definitely satisfied with receivable benefits that exist in Cedar Finance’s platform. Regularly, traders are provides a high payout from 68% to 81% whereas the average payouts of the area is only 70%. Moreover, adventurous traders have opportunities to be in the money with a 500% return on OneTouch binary options. Even when being out of the money, you can still get a refund that worth 10% of the invested amount. Since everything is clearly seen on their terms, it’s needless to be scared of scaming when trading with Cedar Finance.

cedar finance review

Cedar Finance Review: No Hidden Charges Whatsoever

For new beginner training their skills, Cedar Finance not only provides general account but it also has the How to Trade guidance in detail, which is controlled by professionals. Through live chat and other connection methods, they bring many of their own knowledge to help beginners, who is taking binary option as serious as other legitimate trading. They deliver many useful information including the invaluable predetermination options, excellent prediction guidance and up to the minute performance of the particular asset. With this help, even novices will get used to trading on Cedar Finance’s platform easily and start invest in a selective trading option from the group binary options, one touch and 60 seconds

Cedar Finance Review: Conclusion

Just by clicking in the drop-down box of the Asset Index, traders will be able to harvest lots of valuable information. Entirely, the list of trading assets will appear in details such as the trading symbols and asset’s descriptions. Due to its web-based, Cedar Finance’s traders just need to sign up an account to join the binary options trading world without any worries about safety. The weekly review includes the Monday to Friday performance of the assets and the comment over the various currencies such as Euro, Yen and Pound.

To serve the purpose of making maximum benefits for traders, Cedar Finance has always tried to improve their service continuously. No wonder why even though there’s a lot of new rivals, hardly to find another broker as success as Cedar Finance.

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Cedar Finance Review - Is Cedar Finance Scam?
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