Cedar Finance Scam

Cedar Finance is a brand new platform in binary options trading. Lately establishment in 2012 and quickly gain so many successes, it’s easy to understand why statements claim Cedar Finance of a scam have started spread.

cedar finance scam

CedarFinance Scam Rumors

Immediately, we can confirm many issues to convince you that Cedar Finance scam are nothing but just a hoax. However, in order to grant to you the most logical analysis, we will start with all of the most common reasons for the existence of such rumors:

  • Withdrawal Issues– This reason exists in every scam claim as the most common one even though almost mistakes come from users. We have advised too many times that reading withdrawals conditions carefully will avoid being unpleasant and disturbances.
  • Competition-The more participants, the fiercer is the battle. Instead of making efforts to keep on developing by real talents, some binary options trading brokers just try to discredit their rivals by manufacturing such bad rumors.
  • User Complaints: This is another reason comes from neglect of traders. As usual, such traders omit terms and policies of the platform. Hence, as clear as the sun, they will lack of understanding the platform’s operation and definitely trouble themselves.

Why Cedar Finance is not a scam?

Here are some features of Cedar Finance to prove that their scam is totally wrong:

  • Regulation: This is the biggest evidence. Cedar Finance is regulated under management of government, which means every little steps of this broker must obey to the regulation and law.
  • Technology: Cedar Finance makes use of Spot Option technology to build up its own trading platform. Spot Option is a pioneer of brokerage business, whose technology is used by numerous of other platforms. So it’s no doubt that this binary options platform is believable and safe.
  • Market Review: reviews about the assets and market conditions are updated daily, weekly and monthly, which including past events, current situations and professional ideas about future trends. These issues are really helpful in making right decisions. If Cedar Finance is a real scam, it will never provide such issues to help you making benefits.
  • Trader’s Guides: New comers are big fishes, so a scam is definitely dubious about its operations to take advantage of their ignorance. Cedar Finance provides a more than detailed guides on how the platform works as well as available trading options and their conditions. The more you understand, the profitable are your trades.
  • Security System: Automatically, the well-known SSL security system on Cedar Finance encrypts all of sensitive information such as information of credit card, address, etc. Hence, your private information is completely secret to unrelated people.
  • Free Registration: It charges nothing when you sign up a new account or make your deposit. You are even gifted an extra bonus for the deposit, which is not only in use of making trades but also be withdrawn when accepted.
  • Easy withdrawal: Same as other legitimate brokers, Cedar Finance has a system of withdrawal rules in order to avoid misunderstand with customers. Once you have met those rules, traders can withdraw via wire transfer, credit card, Western Union and Cash U. Those common methods offer comfort to any traders.
  • Cancellation Feature: This unique issue appears twice in a row so that traders have ability to cancel the trade before entering the position.
  • Good Support: Customer supporting service and human account managers are available 24/7 to contact via email, phone and live chat.

CedarFinance General Information

In comparison with other brokers that using the same Spot Option technology, Cedar Finance generally is considered as a good one. From the very first start, simplicity is extremely important for initial successes. It makes up a solid foundation which can be built upon for coming years.

Take a quick glance at Cedar Finance, even novices could tell that there is nothing to fear. Each trading window contains a pricing chart, strike price, underlying asset name, payout percentage, expiry time and the put or call options. The most highlight issue which hardly found on other platform is the percentage of traders who have selected the put and the call options, which partially performs market trends. For more information about Cedar Finance, please read Cedar Finance Review

Cedar Finance Review Video:

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Author: David Wilson