Easy Binary Options Strategy

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Easy Strategy


1. When you take a trade while that trade is still running never open another trade.

2. After a trade finishes always wait 10min before starting to trade on that pair , this is to avoid waterfalls.

3. Always avoid trading 30min before and after medium/high impact news and markets opening/closing.

4. Avoid trading while tired , drunk , high , emo etc. , when you trade you need to be fresh and pay attention.

5. Don’t use more than 5% of your bank and martingale is not a good idea.

6. If the price breaks high timeframes S/R like 1H or 4H wait at least 15min before trading because huge spikes like this may blow you account.

7. Don’t get greedy and try to force trades if they don’t respect the strategy wait for another opportunity.

8. Understand that on demo you trade differently than on live because of the emotional state so don’t let losses get to you.

9. This strategy works better on some pairs than others and on some markets better than others.

10. This is the most important rule : Never let your emotions control you and know that it is normal to win several in a row and also lose several in a row so when you lose don’t try to change the strategy , add indicators or things like that. Always stick to the strategy and be consistent.


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Author: David Wilson