EZTrader launch Mobile Trading Platform

Following TradeRush mobile trading and 24Option mobile trading, another well-known binary options broker, wich EZTrader has released a brand new mobile application for binary options trading. This application is available for both iOS and Android based mobile devices. This new app enables traders to use EZTrader’s services from virtually anywhere with internet access.

EZTrader Adds New Mobile Trading App

EZTrader is the latest binary options brokers that realized the increasing importance of mobile binary options trading. Recently, EZTrader announced a new mobile trading application available for download and install on traders’ mobile devices. This new application can be found on both App Store and Google Play.

EZTrader’s app is very easy to use and well-designed. First, traders need to log into the platform, then they can find a list of available options. Next, traders will have to select one option by pressing on them, and a window will pop up asking them whether they want to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ the option.

After that, an investment amount needs to be specified by the traders. On the top of the platform, there is an interface showing how the asset is moving in real time. Other relevant data such as the asset in question, the final payout rate and the expiry date is also presented.

This mobile application enables traders to deposit and withdraw money via a mobile cashier. After accessing the cashier, traders just need to choose the payment processor and the desired deposit amount to make real deposits.

The trading experience by the new mobile application is equally pleasant as that offered on the computer-based trading platform. In fact, it is much simpler to use the mobile platform than the regular platform, as only the most relevant information are displayed on the mobile platform,all elements that may distract users are eliminated.

About EZTrader


EZTrader is a binary options brokers that has one of the best performance on the market. Currently the traditional high/low option is the only option trading type offered on EZTrader. These options are the simplest of all binary options. Traders can predict these options with very great accuracy.

EZTrader also provides a special binary option type, the ‘SellOption’. These options can be sold back to the broker when the traders think their prediction may be inaccurate. By doing this, traders can get back some of the money they invested instead of losing it all like in most cases.

EZTrader offers a wide range of assets, from stocks, forex currency pairs, commodities to indicies. The range of selection is so large that the broker had to separate the assets based on geographic location, which makes it easier for traders to find different regional assets.

Payments to EZTrader can be made via many different payment processors like Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express and MoneyBookers. EZTrader also accepts payments via wire transfer. The broker also assists non-American traders in depositing and withdrawal by offering a large amount of payment tools that are only accessible in certain countries. For more information, read EZTrader Review.

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Author: David Wilson