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binary options franceIf you look at the efforts French authorities spend on informing traders of the risks associated with binary options trading, you will be surprised to know the rate at which this market is growing in France. In fact, the binary options market in France is growing at one of the highest speeds in the world. Below are the best French Binary Options platform for French Trader:

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As we can see, French investors are clearly not discouraged by the warnings from their authorities and some have even made binary options trading their full-time job. The platform most French traders choose are 24Option, for more information, read 24Option Review.

However, there are still risks for investors considering the lack of regulation for the activities of binary options brokers. This major problem means that investors might face the risk of losing their money or going bankrupt due to brokers’ problems.

The French government is still pursuing its efforts to provide statistics and statements to demonstrate the risks of binary options trading and deter investors from entering this market. Nevertheless, the latest figures still show a rapid growth rate for the French binary options trading market.

All binary options traders must be familiar with the broker blacklist composed by the French Financial Markets Authority. This list names some of the brokers currently operating in France that are considered to be the riskiest and in some cases performing illegal activities, which might not be entirely true.

The French government is having a difficult time mainly due to the lack of laws governing the activities of binary options brokers. As the government cannot tax these companies, the money outflow from the country far surpasses the money inflow, which is not considered to be a good thing for the French economy. Therefore, the government is doing its best to discourage investors from participating in this type of business.

To sum up, the only problem binary options brokers have to face in France is the government’s continual attempt to limit their client base. French traders, on the other hand, have nothing to worry about when they decide to participate in the binary options trading market as there is no law or restriction, which is a good thing.

It can be said that the French government hasn’t been very successful and a large number of French binary options brokers are actually doing well in the market.

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Author: David Wilson