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Not long ago, ForexMagnates – a popular online trading portal – and NADEX (North American Derivatives Exchange) President and CEO Yosi Beinart discussed together the future of binary options industry as well as the role of NADEX in this business.

From the very beginning of the interview, NADEX CEO Yossi Beinart already stated that his company is different from most other binary options broker. NADEX, a US regulated binary options broker, was said to place greater emphasis on the professional trader than the low-volume casual trader.

Similarly, the CEO stated that the characteristic that set this company apart from others is the betting of traders against each other instead of against the broker. This results in the company being more of a binary options trading exchange than a regular binary options broker.

This also means the company has no financial interest in the trader losing bets. Profits are created via charging a commission on a purchased option. In other words, when a trader loses a trade, it is not NADEX but the trader whom the initial trader was betting against will receive the money.

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ForexMagnates also said that the average payout rates in the binary options business will be likely to increase to up to 95% in the next few years. CEO Yossi Beinart, however, again explained that this increase would not affect the company at all, as NADEX does not gain revenue through traders finishing out of the money. The binary options trading software used by the company was also discussed in the interview. CEO Yossi said that NADEX, unlike other binary options companies, uses a unique trading platform that was not provided by a third party software provider and as a result is not offered by many other brokers as well.

At the end of the interview, CEO Yossi stressed one of the most important missions of the company, which is to develop new technologies and trading tools that would offer traders a better experience in binary options trading and help traders get more profits in this business.


In 2004, NADEX (or North American Derivatives Exchange) was founded with the initial name of HedgeStreet Exchange. In 2007, the UK based IG Group acquired the company and not long after that changed its name to NADEX. Around this time, binary options trading got popular.

NADEX has managed to acquire a valid license in the US – something that only a few financial service providers and binary options brokers managed to get. As a result, NADEX is considered one of the most genuine and renowned brokers in the world.

NADEX, unlike most other brokers, is based on an exchange trading model. It means traders are not betting against the broker but instead against each other. This makes the broker totally neutral in terms of trader activity, because the broker is not interested in the losing of traders.

NADEX offers its traders the binary options exchange trading services using an extremely large amount of assets, from stocks, forex pairs, commodities, indices and even various events. The binary options trading platform is very advanced and highly intuitive. For more information, read Nadex Review.

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Author: David Wilson