GEOtradex Review

We have made so many reviews about exist binary options brokers in this financial market to help you decide which is the most suitable to trade with. Now, in this article, we offer you another choice named GEOtradex. This secure broker supports you from your very first start with their educational component until you become expert in binary options trading. A variety of short-term binary options on stocks, indices, commodities and foreign currencies are offered along with helpful utilities for learning such as chart patterns, technical analysis and an informative glossary.

GEOtradex Review: Trading at GEOtradex

It’s completely free to start with GEOtradex. No money and no software download are required. Even depositing is needless as long as you want to spend time familiarizing yourself with the site before making your real trade. Their tight terms to guarantee the safety of every process are shown immediately before making you deposit. You have to complete the essential requirement document set including a copy of a government-issued ID such as a driver’s license; proof of address such as a copy of your phone bill, and a copy of your credit card. Both the front and the back of your credit card are required to be emailed or faxed to GEOtradex, you could hide mostly the card but left the name and a few card numbers on. Some might think that it’s quite complicated but in order to maximize the degree of safety for your hard earn money, these requirements are definitely acceptable.

geotradex review

GEOtradex Review: Deposits and Withdrawals

Debit or credit card, wire transfer or CashU are their acceptable ways in making your deposit. Of course, there are some small conditions for each way, like the similarity between the name on the credit card and the name on the account. For a wire transfer, the minimum transfer amount is $500.You’ll get charges $25 when you deposit less than $500.

Another $25 is charged when withdrawing your funds for any bank transfer, while it’s free if you use your credit card. The duration from sending your withdrawal request to receiving your money is quite long, which might be up to more than a week.


GEOtradex offers bonuses for both new traders immediately after depositing as well as for long-term loyal clients. These offer bonuses are accompanied with conditions about how and when you can cash them in such as they are only released fully after you’ve reached certain minimum of trades. These conditions are clearly shown on the GEOtradex site in case you want to find out. 

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Double Up and Rollover Feature

Similar to some other unique brokers, GEOtradex also has two favorable features named Double Up and Rollover. It’s the same features offer by 24Option.

Double Up is an option that will instantly create a second trade with exactly the same terms, at the current market price as your first one, which will end up with in the money like your expectation.

Rollover is used to enlarge the expiration time. When it comes close to the end and your initial predictions seem wrong, this function is a great chance to correct your mistake in the turn of a hand. Since it’s only used once, you have to think carefully before setting your expiry time in order to not wasting an extra 30% bonus in case your trade is in the money.

In short, both Double Up and Rollover is delivered for only one reason of maximizing your profit, so remember to think carefully to use it in the most effective ways.

GEOtradex Review: Type of Binary Trades

Even though tradable assets list is the same for various types of binary options, you can easily realize that there are some small different issues between them. For example, in traditional CALL/PUT trade, you can only choose your investment amount, your expiry time up on available offers. Option Builder and One Touch requires for higher level of market knowledge. Option Builder will ask you to select your acceptable level of risk while One Touch requires for a comparison between the current price and the target price before setting up.

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These 3 options bring out returns of 65 to 75 percent of your initial investment if your trade is in the money. Even when you fail, you can still receive a reimbursement costs up to 10% of your initial amount.

I hope that the informatio above is helpful for you in your decision making process to choose for yourself the best binary options broker.

GEOtradex Review - Is GEOtradex Scam?
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