Liberty Reserve accepted Binary Options Brokers

What’s online e-wallet?

Definition: A digital wallet (also known as an e-wallet) allows users to make electronic commerce transactions quickly and securely.

E-Wallets or Digital Wallets are created for you to enjoy instant money transaction without hassle, unlike the wait imposed on the likes of cheques and wire transfers. Additionally, fees for e-wallets are considerably smaller than wire transfer or credit card transaction as well.

Liberty Reserve accepted Binary Options Brokers

With e-wallets, like opening a credit card, you’ll be required some documents in order to remove certain spending restrictions. Most probably, you will need to verify your credit card, your phone number or your physical address. There’s some e-wallets that allow you to make limited online transaction without any verification, but usually it’s pretty small amount, therefore, in order to use money freely without any worries, it’s recommended that you verify the documents required. The verification process basically is to prevent online fraud that’s increasingly become an issue to online transaction.

Why an online e-wallet?

With Binary Options trading become more and more popular to the mass, e-wallets are also an integral part to a lot of brokers. With e-wallet, you are of the comfort to receive withdrawal or make deposit in front of your computer, which make e-wallets an easy and convenient method compared to a lot of traditional methods out there.

In addition to that, security is very important when there’s money at stake, with binary options trading, there’s a great deal of money being involved; therefore secure payments, withdrawals are a very important factor that could potentially do well or harm your trading performance. Online e-wallet with anti-keylogger are probably one of the most secure way of making payment these days. Today, with a great demand of a collection of Liberty Reserve accepted binary options brokers, we’ll provide you the list of binary options broker that accept e-wallet Liberty Reverse as a form of transaction method.

Why Liberty Reverse?

Liberty Reserve is a well-known e-wallet payment method for its security with anti-keylogger log-in system. Liberty Reserve is very popular form of payment in Asia, Russia, Africa and South America, those a huge markets with a lot of potential clients, therefore, a binary options that lack Liberty Reserve as a form of payment, could potentially lose out a lot clients over the one who accepts Liberty Reserve. A noticeable key feature of Liberty Reserve e-wallet is it’s irreversible feature, it means that once you receive the money, there’s no way the sender could do charge-back or complaints. Once the money is being sent, it’s basically a done-deal. It’s the main feature a lot of people prefer liberty reserve over PayPal, cheques or bank transfers. You are able to create a few wallets in your Liberty Reserve account, it helps if you have multiple trading accounts with multiple brokers, it helps you immensely when you need to track your deposit/withdrawal reports, without having to find in an untidy list of transactions if you would like to refer to your financial transaction.

Liberty Reserve provides a wide range of payment currencies including the major ones like USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, RU… They do also accept payments in form of precious metal such as gold and silver. Fees associated with Liberty Reverse are very small, it’s only1% up to $2.99. PayPal fee is around 3% for an online transaction, therefore, Liberty Reverse is a much better options, especially the fee is only up to $2.99; it means that even if you transfer $10,000, the fee is only $2.99. That’s pretty good deal as far as the fee is concerned.

Following is the list of Binary Options broker that accept Liberty Reserve to deposit:

  • 24Option

24Option Liberty Reserve
24Option is one of our top rated binary options broker, you could read more about here at 24Option review. 24Option are established in early of 2010 in United Kingdom. It’s well-known for accepting Liberty Reserve as a primary form of transaction alongside with other e-wallets like Money Gram or Money Bookers. Minimum Liberty Reserve transaction for 24option is $250, the amount also applies for most others transaction method; except bank wire, which’s $1000. One Touch, High/Low and Boundary are available binary options in 24option; you could especially trade the 60 seconds options exclusively in 24opion.

  • OptionFair

Like 24Option, OptionFair is another broker that arrive to the scene in 2010, you could read more about OptionFair review here. OptionFair is also another broker who accept deposits via major e-wallets including Liberty Reserve. Apart from Liberty Reserve, they also accept payment from Money Bookers and Money Gram. Western Union is also a depositing method. Minimum Liberty Reserve deposit with OptionFair is $250, it’s considered an average amount. One Touch, High/Low and Boundary are the available binary options that you can trade on OptionFair platform.

  • BetOnMarkets

BetOnMarkets is owned and operated by Regent Markets Group, it’s being reported on their website that they have over 200.000 traders worldwide. BetOnMarkets was established very early, as early as 1999 and they’ve been providing Binary Options trading products ever since. BetOnMarkets accepts a lot of e-wallet deposit including Liberty Reverse, WebMoney. Apart from that, they also accept U Kash, Clickandbuy, Neteller, Money Bookers and a few other e-wallets. The minimum deposits for Liberty Reserves is just $5 and maximum is $1,500. There’s four types of  Binary Options you could trade on BetOnMarket including In/Out, Rise/Fall, Touch/No Touch and High/Low.

  • Winoptions

WinOptions is another Binary Options which is located in tax-heaven Cyprus. WinOptions offer over 40 different assets for traders to choose from. Liberty Reserve is an integral deposit method of WinOptions. WinOptions also accepts several other e-wallets deposit such as Cash U, Perfect Money and of course, Money Bookers. Like all major Binary Options brokers, WinOptions also accepts all major credit cards merchant like Visa or Master Card and wire transfer. You could deposit a minimum amount of $200 with WinOptions  with Liberty Reserve. You could trade Options Builder, One Touch, High/Low and also 60 seconds options with WinOptions. 60 seconds options is newest form of binary options that WinOptions offering.

  • ZoneOptions

ZoneOptions announces its name to Binary Options industry in early 2011 and it’s among one of the latest Binary Options broker that bust into the scene. You could read more about ZoneOptions review here. ZoneOptions accepts most major e-wallets such as Liberty Reserve. Additionally, ZoneOptions also accepts deposit thought another e-wallets like Money Bookers, as well as through wire transfer and major credit/debit card merchant. You could depist a minimum of $250 with Liberty Reserve to start trading with ZoneOptions. There are 5 types of Binary Options you could trade on ZoneOptions including the newly 60 Seconds Options, Boundary Options, High/Low Options, High Yield and Touch/No Touch.

That’s a few major Liberty Reserve accepted Binary Options broker, we’ll continue to add new brokers if they start to use Liberty Reverse as their form of deposit. Until now, we hope you’ve found for yourselves a suitable brokers for your trading. Good luck and good trading!

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Thanks a lot, how about paypal Binary Options brokers? Is there any paypal binary options brokers? I want to deposit and withdraw via paypal…

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