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Friday the 5th is going to be a big day for traders. The most anticipated piece of economic data is ready for release. Millions of traders throughout the world will be waiting for the release. Here’s what it means to you as a binary options trader:

The Market is expecting a release of 170k. Now this may mean nothing to you but the point is, any figure at or above of this expected value will likely send the markets into hyper-drive upwards. It means assets like the EUR/USD and NASDAQ will be moving fast.

Want to make some money on this? Simply anticipate the next move.

Take an UP option for an expiry after the release if you think the NFP will make markets move higher.

Think the NFP will dissapoint? Take a DOWN option for an expiry any time after the release.

Not sure what the NFP even is? Read on:
goptions news trading


This is the broadest measure of employment changes in the US for both private and government workers.
images Think you can beat the markets? Come ans start trading today and see if you can guess the next move !

Up Options if you think the NFP makes the market head higher.

Down options if you think the NFP dissapoints and causes a frantic sell-off.

Either direction: YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ON.

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Author: David Wilson