Option Range Review

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Option Range is currently one of the leading binary options broker on the market where traders can easily trade on with a wide selection of binary assets, including stocks, indices and commodities. This a huge plus to make Option Range suitable for traders at all levels. Follow our review to find out whether it also suits you.

Trading platform

The first impression of the Option Range platform is the clearness and eye-stunning as it allows only 4 tradable items: stocks, indices, currencies and commodities to be showed tab-by-tab on the main page. The on touch and range trading options is also available to give traders more options and help as well.

The entire platform is so well-organized, user-friendly and most importantly, is able to quick and responsive navigated that traders can look for any important information or trading without any minor difficulty.


Like any other online binary options brokers, Option Range provides the company background, the instruction for new traders and daily or weekly updated news displayed visually in the platform. Although Option Range does not yet have its own market analysis, it comes up with a stream of recent prices that traders can take as a reference.

It came at first as an interesting feature of this platform is that it give a new account holder $500 immediately after they open their accounts, regardless of whether the deposits is transferred or not. However, unfortunately, this money is can only be used for practicing within 3 days after the opening or until the real money is deposited. It finally turns out to be a kind of demo accounts for new traders.

Option Range also offers traders the “close now” and “extend trading” option by which traders can stop their trades before or after the expiry time.

Accounts traders can access to the tutorial resources of the platform freely, yet the information or tips is relatively limited compared to others. Nevertheless, it’s still sufficient with basic explanation on the systems and instruction of the trading process.

Customer Support

If you have any problems in trading or need any support, you cannot contact the company through live chat or phones which is a big limitation. However, the quickness and politeness and information sufficiency in the email response of this service is worthy a compensation.

Ease of Use

Option Range has created a clear and extremely easy to understand page with visual so that everyone can start trading without problem. The registering and depositing money is super-fast for immediate trades. Besides, withdrawing funds can take up to four days, like other brokers.

Option Rage also offers a demo account to help get you get used to the platform. When you are ready for live trading, only $50 minimum deposit is available as well to reduce potential loss.

Final Thoughts

They have already have an extremely good platform which is easily understandable and secure; therefore, it’s very promising that Option Range will soon become one of the strongest binary options brokers if they care more about their education center.

Option Range Review - Is Option Range Scam?
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Author: David Wilson