Reasons to trade Digital Options

In a few years back, binary options trading has emerged as the most profitable in online financial market. Fixed-return options and all-or-nothing options is other name that partially describes properties of the business. It is flexible, predictable, understandable and extremely easy to earn huge profits. It doesn’t require you too much time to participate in the game. When we mention about its incredible profits, some conservative investors doubt of its unbelievable returns. In this article, we will list 10 reasons why you should jump into binary options trading immediately.

1. Low Entry Costs:

Starting a career in any market requires a capital amount, which could be a big barrier prevents most people from success as they don’t even have the chance to try. Binary options trading is not an exceptional. For example, many website require a minimum of $25,000. Fortunately, the number of such brokers is very small among existent brokers. In general, almost brokers require for at least $500 for first time depositing. Rarely, some brokers allow an amount of only $100 to owning an account and making trade with only $10. With such low entry cost, determination of participating is easier than ever since there is no worries about potential disabling of money.

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2. Simple Market Entry:

Making a trade on binary options is not only cheap; it is also super simple from the very beginning in comparison with its neighbor, the Forex market. An investor can easily open up an account on the trading platform, which is usually based on web 100% so there is no download requirement. Then, he only has to fill in some basic information to execute a full transaction including asset, the investment amount as well as expiration time. In some cases, you can also put in the risk level to challenge yourself, which also bring you higher returns due to its adventurousness.

Meanwhile, Forex trade calls for a volume calculation, stop loss, profit targets and a choice of trade type. It’s much more complicated. Remember that the more complicated you involve in, the more mistake you can make. Hence, obliviously that binary options trading will bring you higher chance of winning.

3. Limited Defined Risk:

Another neighbor of binary options is stock market. This business asks its traders to face with a dizzying array of factors including leverage, margin, slippage and more while it’s needless in binary options trading. The fact that there is less risk from unpredictable situations is really comfort traders, especially for the new comers. No longer do they worry about their lack of needed experiences and knowledge for accurate analysis.

4. Limited Defined Loss:

With other business, you will lose all of your invested money once you fail. In some conditions, you even lose more than initial investment for example when a sharp spike causes the price to blow past stop-loss orders. In binary options, traders don’t have to face with such situations. They cannot lose more than their portfolios. They don’t have to spend a part of their capital in covering potential failures. Moreover, some binary options brokers even offer reimbursement for out-of-the-money trades like StockPair or TradeRush.

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5. Lower Transaction Costs:

A Stock and Forex trader has to pay a higher amount for commissions and other hidden fees than the one of binary options. As a result of lower costs, bigger benefits will come to traders on their entire investments. Almost brokers of binary options offer a free commission for office hour trades. Traders only have to pay for intermediaries when withdrawing or depositing.

6. Simple Profit/Loss Ratios:

It’s quite hard to determine the result of other investments due to variable losses and returns. With binary options, there are only two possibilities: fail and lose exactly invested amount or winning and earning an amount of fixed returns rate. In some cases, there are supportive tools that double up the earning amount or reduce the losing amount. However, it’s still simpler than other online investments like stock, Forex, etc.

7. Flexibility:

Binary options contain different types of trading called instruments. Currently, there are 5 main types of trading instruments: high/low trades, 60 second options, in/out trades, touch/no touch options and high-yield options. Along with a huge range of tradable assets, traders owns hundreds different opportunities to earn their living.

8. Ease of Use:

Easy from the very beginning is a nature of binary options trading. You make your trades on an intuitive online platform, which is designed professionally. You have to open your own account before making deposit, which only takes you a few minutes away from starting to finish activation process. This process is as easy as registering on normal forum, so don’t have to worry about mistakes from starting.

9. Trader Education

On interactive homepage, traders can easily find different educational tools offered by the brokers. They have FAQ and Glossary sections to answer basic queries. They offer a huge source of free eBooks, training videos webinars and even demo account for inexperienced traders. All of them have a supportive team of professionals who are ready to give you advices and solutions whenever you need. Such conscientious help can only find in binary options market.

10. Increased Profitability

Even though return rates of each trade seem small, you will get what you deserve once you intend to pursue these investments. Thanks to the accessibility, low commissions, helpful supportive tools and other encouragement, any investors can get substantial profits. You can easily earn your money within a minute with 60 second option, or earn more with longer option like Touch/No Touch. The longer expiration, the more risk your trade is and the higher percentage of returns you can get, which could be up to more than 300%/

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Author: David Wilson