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In the competitive world of binary option brokers, brokers usually find it difficult to gain traders’ attention because there’re too many big boys out there. However, 24Bulls has been trying to make the differences by making their website so elegant and attractive. Although 24bulls’s homepage is in English, it does support some other major languages like French, Spanish. It not only helps trader’s trading activities, but also help in their 24/6 customers service. However, due to its web-based nature, other page’s links on website such as Funding Methods and FAQ for example, are completely in English.

From the landing page, 24bulls’s prospective binary traders can start out their trading immediately by open a free 24Bulls trading account. Trader could choose the available options on the trading tabs. After that, you click on Call if you think the price is going up, and click Put if you think it’s going down. The process is the same as most other binary option platforms. For example, if you keen on the Forex trade, such as EUR/USD, an hourly chart embedded in the trade box will helps you see the change of the pair rate before making your decision. For other type of trading assets; including stocks, indices and commodities, the trade box will be available in case the particular market is open and you will be informed of its opening time.

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After finishing your simple account signing up process, you will be invited to view their brief tutorial that lasts a few minute. There is an explanation video about 24bulls’s “riskometer” which help traders to set up their potential payout. This particularly allows traders to maximize their benefits on every single trade whether win or lose.

24Bulls Review: Bonuses and Promotions 

To gain its own competitiveness, 24bulls offers high payout which can be up to 81%. Moreover, new account could receive $2,500 welcome bonus depend on both the first time deposit amount and certain limitations. New traders can earn the bonus amount as well as trade insurance upon their first deposit, which is considered as a kind of loss protection. Each account owns a private account manager to help overcome any difficulties they face while trading with 24Bulls.

24Bulls Review: Accounts Overview 

While we were accessing the site to complete this review, we noticed that there are two types of starter accounts on 24bulls. One is called “basic” and the other is called “starter plus”. Email updates of daily market conditions, online trade execution and live chat 24 hours a day, 6 days a week is common things among both types. The Basic account only required a minimum deposit of $100. The difference depends on the initial deposit amount between those two starter packages. While Basic accounts are only offered Forex, stocks and commodities as underlying assets, a Starter plus account holder has chance to experience in indices trading. Furthermore, Starter accounts holder have entitled to free tutorials as well as receive various invitations to training webinars. They also get free support and training by a their own personal account manager.

In order to satisfy various kinds of customers, 24bulls not only provides standard accounts which require a minimum deposit of $1000 and a premium account that required a minimum deposit of $2,500, it also offers an Islamic account. According to their website, an Islamic account satisfy the following quote: “complies with Sharia Law and does not operate under elements of Riba”.

24Bulls Review: Assets  

24bulls provide a large amount of trading asset including currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. Offered currency pairs are the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, and other major pairs. Commodities is included oil, gold, silver, gas, cooper and platinum. Noticeable names like Apple, MasterCard, Google, Barclays Bank, Sanofi Aventis, etc are also in the list of 24bull’s trading assets. Especially, major indices from around the world including Wall Street’s, S&P500 and the Dow Jones Industrials, London’s FTSE, Germany’s DAX, as well as indices from Dubai and Saudi Arabia are also available for trading.  A big plus for 24bull is their detailed underlying asset since they cover much more comprehensive as well as wider range information of the particular asset than other Binary Options brokers. For example, when it’s come to stocks, traders can find detailed information about the stock’s trading market or its opening hours.

24Bulls Review: Special Features

Existing customers are allows to create their own favorite pages to take advantage of the market conditions or sentiment. They are able to filter their favorite assets in one place in order to save time rather than click through a full list of available assets. Trading account holders are also enable to handle all of his account activities on a single screen, which particularly helps them know whether the current trades is in the money or not immediately and therefore, help them to react accordingly current situations.

Under the 24bull’s tools and resources tab, you could find the explanations of the different asset category. The most unique thing of 24bulls is probably an economic calendar that is accessible to every account holders. Most traders are really appreciate the value of this tool because it’s very helpful during trading hours.

24Bulls Review: Conclusion 

In conclusion, with all mentioned reasons, 24bulls is a good for any trader, especially for beginners because of their low deposit requirement. Just with $100, you are able to start trading Binary Options on 24Bulls platform immediately. With its friendly platform, attractive conditions and multi-languages, we believe that 24bulls is a pretty decent brokers for both rookies and seasoned traders.

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