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withdrawal Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5
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Overall Rating: Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3

GlobalTrader365, a Binary Options broker provided by ChargeXP Investments Ltd. in British Virgin Islands, allows investors to trade with many kinds of assets including stocks, commodities, indices and Forex. Moreover, they offer almost modern software and services that produces decent performance for trading Binary Options.

The broker uses a 100% web-based platform, which is believed to be suitable for all traders because anyone who is with Mac, Window or Linux would not have to worry about software compatibility. Web-based trading platform basically works on all operating systems. The investor therefore doesn’t need to download any software to trade. The platform is quite safe and user-friendly while content and the entire experience using GlobalTrader365 platform is considerably good. We haven’t faced any trouble with their platform at all.




GlobalTrader365 Review: GlobalTrader365 Usability

The user interface is quite complex due to its design. By dint of the ease of use and high payouts, the fixed returns and one touch options are quite interesting compared to Binary Options brokers standards. Besides, they also offer option builder for those investors who love to play around with Options Builder. From our view, Traders have different Binary Options types to choose from.

They have a platform guide where you just have to follow four simple steps, and then you are ready to trade Binary Options successfully. The payouts are listed in the right side of the platform, under the listed assets.

GlobalTrader365 Review:  Assets

We could count the amount of the underlying assets are over 80 assets, including four important major in financial market: stocks, commodities, indices and Forex. So, in term of assets, we could see that GlobalTrader365 provide s various choices for Binary Option traders.

GlobalTrader365 Review: Expiry Range of Options

Expiry range of assets is the time when the evaluation of payouts will take place. Expiry time chosen for each asset is different from 60 seconds, 15 minutes to a few weeks for Options Builders.

GlobalTrader365 Return

From our experience, using Global Trader 365, traders certainly get 65% to 75% returns on their “in-the-money trade”. Besides, they get refunded range from 0% to 10% of the invested money on “out-of-the money”, it could be considered a decent refund because there’s a lot of brokers who don’ even refund a single cents on OTM trade.

globaltrader365 review
Website Languages

Undeniably, one of the important features in a platform is which languages are available. Choosing a language is to choose customers you want to focus on, which decides how many investors use your platform to trade. Global Trader 365 uses all the basic and popular languages – English, French and Mandarin beside of multilingual customer support, which is viable for all traders around the world.

GlobalTrader365 Fees/Commissions

Global Trader 365 certainly provides free registration and doesn’t consist of any gimmick or hidden expenditures. However, the platform offers a minimum deposit at $200 or 200 euro/pounds which is in average ranges since most brokers has their first time deposit range from $100 to $500.

Loyalty Offers

They also have loyalty offers for their veteran trader. In fact, the broker regularly gives out some loyalty offers to traders, which is attractive to new customers and keep old ones keep using the platform.

Banking Options

Global Trader 365 use various payment methods, including bank-wire, cheque and online-wallet like MoneyBooker, which really helps traders can make withdrawals easily.

GlobalTrader365 Withdrawal

We haven’t faced any difficulty withdrawing our winners from GlobalTrader365. They even call us when we made the withdrawals to make sure that it’s us who make the withdrawal.

Customer Support

The customer support of Global Trader 365 is available with all common methods like email, Chat Live and phone. Especially, they have eight international numbers, which you can call them for free of charge.

Website Extras

The website of Global Trader 365 also offers the addition features including “roll over” and “Double up”. For the roll-over feature, if the investor is afraid of ending up out of the money at the expiry time, he can increase the expiry time. Besides, for double-up feature, the trader can double up his investment if he estimated that the trade keeps moving into his favored direction at the expiry time.

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