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Financial software company SpotOption is the creator of the binary options trading platform that supports Banc de Binary, TradeRush and various other option trading websites. This review of SpotOption will go over its visual appearance, usability and the most outstanding features, as well as covering any possible drawbacks of the platform regarding binary options trading.

SpotOption Binary Options Brokers: Appearance

The degree of user-friendliness of a binary options trading platform is mostly determined by its visual appearance. Good visual appearance also earns the platform good points as well. An increase in the efficiency of the user interface’s design makes it simpler to spot the most suitable financial assets for investment at the right time.

The platform of SpotOption features a relatively basic visual appearance, with really easy to spot action buttons of “UP” or “CALL” and“PUT” or “DOWN”. Sometimes the words flashing by can be quite a distraction, but you should always keep an eye on them in case you wish to make a quick deal to trade binary options.

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Despite not being the easiest to see or understand, the charts located in the middle of each asset window do allow you to review information on mouse-over. All things considered, SpotOption comes with a visual appearance that is decent at worse, which should be a good deal for the majority of traders who prefer clean binary options trading platforms.

SpotOption Binary Options Brokers: Ease of Use

The platform of SpotOption is quite easy to use compared with other current available platforms. Some platforms are even so complicated that 90% of option traders cannot use them. SpotOption is an exception because it is easy enough for even beginner option trader to use.

With its user interface and layout, you can select the underlying asset of your choice from the simple drop-down menu to trade binary options. Option trader will have no problem finding the layout percentages for every binary option for trades as they are very prominently displayed.

In addition, it is simple to switch from forex option trading to other types like index option trading and back, thanks to the clearly displayed categories at the top of its user interface. The seamless cashier area that supports quick funding and withdrawing from your account (depending on the terms and conditions of the licensee) also makes it very straightforward to make and withdraw deposits.

All things considered, it is pretty convenient to trade with SpotOption–specifically with the FastTrader interface as seen below.

Notable Features

For binary option traders, the most outstanding features of SpotOption are its flexibility and power. Not only is it advantageous for beginner traders, it also shines in providing advanced options to those who wish to hedge other investments in their portfolio by applying binary option trading strategies.

Moreover, the platform brings you greater simplicity with the One Touch options as well as the Option Builder component, with which you can trade binary options by designing your own option for forex option trading and any other types.

Additionally, there are two alternative trading modes for you to take advantage of: ProTrader and FastTrader. The ProTrader is the full platform version featuring all the options that you might prefer while the latter is a simpler and more compact version of the first, which minimizes all possible problems so you can make faster spot trades.

Room for Improvement

One major drawback of SpotOption’s platform is the lack of integration of charts, fresh data, news and other streams of information that binary options investors might find useful. In its current state, SpotOption’s trading platform is mostly appropriate for beginner and intermediate traders who prefer an easy-to-use platform.

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Author: David Wilson