Stockpair Bonus

Stockpair provides not only a top-notch trading platform for their traders, but also great bonuses available to them upon their first deposit in the platform. At the moment, there is a 100% bonus claimable for a deposit bigger than $500 that any trader in the system can get his hands on. This bonus will surely provide traders with a great amount of money that can be used for trades in the system.

Stockpair bonus

This extra sum of money is especially useful for those who have a low fund for investments. Moreover, traders can utilize this bonus to practice real-money trades without the risks of losing their own money. Traders can gain initial experience with their first deposits. As soon as they fund their account with the first deposit, they can claim the first-deposit bonus.

Besides this awesome bonus given to the first deposit, traders can claim various other benefits such as unlimited promotion, stop loss/take profit, attractive volume cash back, etc. These benefits are great motivations to expand their trades in the system.

At the time the main bonus from Stockpair is the 100% bonus available to claim for deposits over $500. This bonus is probably the best up their sleeve since it allows traders to capitalize on the first deposit into their fund and to make use of a greater amount of money for their practice and real trades.

Alongside the great bonuses, Stockpair offers renovated binary trading system with patented software. Trades in binary options along with unique Pair Options can be carried out in this system and enable traders to earn up to 350% for their transactions. The Stockpair review provides different insights into the trades to prepare you for the system. Using the software is simple and very easy, and you have excellent support from Stockpair. The platform has received FBO Awards for winning the Best Banking category and the Best Support category in 2014. Everyone is recommended to trade in Stockpair based on the review we have done.

Special features

The review on Stockpair provides information on the types of accounts used in the Stockpair system for binary option traders. For regular accounts, traders need to make a deposit of at least $500 to claim a signup bonus of up to 25%.

If the deposit exceeds $1000, traders will be allowed to claim various special features exclusive to these types of traders, making Stockpair a more awesome experience for you.

  • Stockpair silver account: $1000 deposit. Provides traders with a review of the market, strategy advice and training and trade control.
  • Stockpair gold account: $5000 deposit. Provides traders with a review of the market, trade expert services, trade indicators and 1% cash back.
  • Stockpair platinum account: $20000 deposit. Provides traders with features of gold account, and extra 2% cash back of up to $150000.
  • Stockpair VIP account: $50000 deposit. Provides traders with everything listed above and extra 3% cash back and $6000 investment per trade and a maximum of $30000 in the total positions of traders.

The strategy training feature helps traders learn multiple types of binary options and pair options trade methods.

Trade control feature enables traders to control their risks automatically and get free from sitting next to the computer all day long. You only have to set the highest and lowest amount you are willing to lose. This feature of Stockpair is exceptionally useful for traders.

Trade expert service feature means that a senior trade analyst from Stockpair will provide guidance and analyses for your trades in order to optimize your gains.

Cash back feature is free amounts of money automatically funded to your account every month. For instance, if you have a trade volume of $20000 in total investments for a specific month and you have a 2% cash back, it means you will receive $400 funded to your account at the end of the month no matter whether you win or lose in that month.

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Author: David Wilson