StockPair Demo Account

Since its birth, Binary Options Demo Account has become the most favorable feature of a trading platform. Today, we bring you one good news about this feature.

StockPair, as you may know, is one of the reliable brokers of the industry that offers a lot of interesting features. From now on, they have gained their ability in satisfying their customers by publishing demo account to its beginners. According to the reacts of both novice and experienced investors, this change is super impressive! Let’s find out together!

Currently, U.S traders are only allowed to make trade on a few brokers, noticabily TradeRush and StockPair. StockPair provide excellent graphs and brilliant Technical Analysis tools, which will be revealed latter. It also offers one of the highest returns at 85% of the industry. StockPair provides a wide range of selective ways to making trade, in which you can set up your own game within at least 15 minutes of expiration.

Another two features that only StockPair possesses are Take Profit and Stop Loss. These tools will make you regret of finding them too late. Similar to other financial market, risk management is an integral part of binary options trading. Thanks to these useful features, we have certainly made the most out of these trading tools to date.

StockPair Demo Account: Get started with no risk

stockpair demo account

As mentioned above, StockPair has received a lot of good feedbacks for its effective older operation on the web as well as on other financial forums. Notwithstanding, traders always expect that it will offer more chances to help its new generation of traders instead of only focusing on the experienced. In order to satisfy these understandable requirements from customers as well as improve quality of the service on the new sector, StockPair has finally brought out its great demo account. With this feature, it’s completely free for a trader to run the site, get used to the trading environment and thoroughly learning real situations as well as construct his strategies.

StockPair Demo Account

Money is somehow a big barrier between new comers and trading platform. Fortunately, all new traders have to worry about it no longer thanks to its entirely free of charge. You also don’t have to worry about sudden lost because there are no hidden charges at all. Of course, there are some conditions that you have to face during using this feature such as limitation of using time. However, within such period, you can challenge yourself in all uses and tricks of the trade which you will get to see in the near future by virtual money in a virtual market. All of these advantages come from the great simulator they have installed.

With such helpful tools, you can take your time and get used to with the available buttons and commands. For example, the “call” and the “put” buttons allow you to carry on or give up on a trade. They can also extend or shorten your trade as long as you wish to. These are great ways for you to buck the system into yielding profits by manipulating the time you need to get the system to see when you need the trade to end.

StockPair bonus

StockPair Demo Account is offered along with an extra bonus as soon as your depositing process is done with a fixed minimum amount of $500. Click HERE to get that exclusive bonus from This welcome gift evaluates at least half of your first time deposit. Although you are unable to refund this gift for a period of time, you can just limit yourself in this amount before making real money by using your deposit. Hence, the fact of losing in the beginning that scares many newbie is avoidable. After that, you can totally withdraw your money and your benefit if you have made trade 8 times larger than this amount.

Observation is the best teacher, nothing is better than experience yourself. A small deposit in and taking back all above advantages without losing any money is extremely profitable for any intelligent investors.

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Author: David Wilson