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Entering the binary options market by the end of 2010, Stockpair has grown and become a leader in the field of Pair Options Trading, which is a mix between binary options and Forex trading.

Pair Options Trading Basics

Like binary options, in pair options trading, the thing you essentially do is predicting. However, in pair options trading, what you will predict is which one of the two assets will perform better. And similar to binary options, accurate prediction gets you profit. At StockPair, the minimum and maximum trade size is $20 and $500, respectively. As for deposit, traders must make deposit at least $200 and will also be given a deposit bonus.

StockPair Advantages  

  • User friendly Interface

Trading with StockPair, traders will be supplied with tons of information for a better start. Being a member will give traders access to more detailed information. StockPair offers a simple platform that is easy to use and to navigate. You can use the provided tools easily.

StockPair Review

  • Trading Platform’s features

StockPair is famous for being a pioneer in offering pair options for trading. The trading environment is both reliable and secure, and the browser-based trading platform allows traders to gain access easily. Early closure of trades is also made available in case traders wish to book their profits.

  • Choice of Trading Instrument

Despite being the first broker to offer pair options trading, StockPair is still able to supply a large selection of options for this kind of trading, with over 150 assets available.

  • Deposit/Withdrawal Methods and Payout Returns

StockPair offers a special floating payout structure which is based on the performance of primary assets. This enables traders to have a better control of risk, speculative and hedging strategies and, as a result, making more profit from their trades.

  • Customer Service

At StockPair, the customer service staff is very polite and is willing to answer any questions from customers, whether those questions are simple or technical. You can get customer service via email, phone or live chat.

Why StockPair?

Although StockPair entered the binary options market rather late, its outstanding growth has helped it secure the top ranking in the field. In such a competitive market, StockPair stands out by offering traders unique trading features.

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How Good Is StockPair?

StockPair has some superior features over other binary options brokers out there. Some of these features are listed below.

  • Trading platform is the first thing that catch the traders’ eyes. Knowing this principle, StockPair has invested a lot for a perfect trading platform. This platform is regularly updated for new features and has played a primary role in keeping the top position of StockPair in the trading market.
  • It is very simple to trade with StockPair: pick the desired asset, make a prediction about its performance and wait for the result. At StockPair, traders are given not only various assets but also a wide range of expiry times. The broker also offers some unique features like Stop/Loss or booking Early Profit, which also help it maintain the top position.
  • Traders from all over the world are able to trade with StockPair and trade any assets offered by the broker: from commodities, forex, stocks to indices with either binary or the special pair options.
  • The customer service is of excellent quality, which results in high customer satisfaction.
  • The payout range from 86% to as much as 350%, depending on the asset type.
  • It is very easy to withdraw cash from your account.
  • No commissions or hidden costs are charged in any circumstances.

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Author: David Wilson