Stockpair Withdrawal

Most traders are concerned about the withdrawing process of a broker as it is an indicator of how good the company handles its customers. A lot of reviews about StockPair find out that while most of its clients appreciate its service; their attitude is not as good as when it comes to the withdrawing process. Therefore, before we conduct business with this broker, it is always good that we know comprehensively Stockpair Withdraw.

Overall withdrawing with Stockpair is simple and easy. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is $20 and the process needs two days to complete. Using credit cards to get your winnings will be a little longer, from three to seven days. If you get your money for the first time, it might take a bit longer than normal. The reason behind that is the security which must be set up for the newcomer which take place only once when they do their first withdrawing. Later on, the system does not require security process to repeat again but still ensure highest security level, hence withdrawing will definitely take shorter time.

Stockpair Withdrawal

Don’t worry, the very next time after first withdrawing would be really fast and efficient. It is because Stockpair understand that making their withdrawing process smooth and efficient is one of the most important factor influencing customers’ experience. Also it is great to know that no additional fee would be charged if you withdraw your money using wire transfer.

Trading with Stockpair is simple and easy. What you need to do is to open an account, which takes only few steps and little time, then put your money in one of their seventy six assets available for trading, choose put or call option depending on the your market analysis and finally get your winnings. Remember that if thing go smoothly; your return rate could reach 82%. We have summarized some facts which might be useful before you start your business with Stockpair:

  • To withdraw your money, you need to access the “My Account” page and then find the withdraw option.
  • Follow instructed steps to get your funds from your account.
  • Stockpair Withdraw does not set any minimum level for withdrawing. Therefore, you can withdraw any amount in your account.
  • There are three currency options for depositing which are American Dollar, British Pound and Euro. No matter which kind you chose, remember that you have to withdraw your money with the same currency that you deposited.
  • Depositing by credit card? Then put in mind that you need to use the same credit card to withdraw your funds. Credit card is also the most efficient withdrawing methods here.
  • However, it is not the only withdrawing method. You can also choose to use the e-wallet or bank transfer with longer process.
  • The company will carry out your withdrawing request in two working days and some of the processes will be completed by receiving party. So it might take a longer time before your funds come to your account. This period will vary from three to seven days or more depending on the instruments.
  • No additional fee charged during withdrawing process.
  • If you change your mind and do not want to withdraw money from your account, go to the “My Account” page again, find the withdraw page and cancel the request. However, once the broker has processed your request, cancellation is unavailable even if the money has not appeared in your account.

Though there are a lot of things to notice, we believe it is a simple and efficient process and you will obviously face no major objection.

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Author: David Wilson