Story of Winning Traders and Whining Traders

Like any other type of business, in trading world, there’re also two types of people (traders) which’s what we called winning traders and whining traders. What is the different between the two? It’s very simple actually, the winning traders never whine and the whining traders never win. Trading, like running any business, is as tough as it comes, there’ll be times when thing get rough, traders start to whine and it’s exactly the time they are starting to lose; as long as they are staying calm, collected and stay on their feet, they’ll hold a chance to be successful. As you go through trails and errors, you’ll realize that you are in a battle with your very own SELF, therefore, when you are whining, you are only whining about yourself, it’s basically of no use, you should rather stay focused, keep the faith in yourself that you’ll take time to learn things and you’ll hit the end of the road as long as you keep on going.

Following is 10 things that distinguish winning traders and whining traders:

1. Winning traders blame themselves. Whining traders blame the market.

2. Winning traders wait and get in at premium entry. Whining traders don’t have the patience to wait and get in too early.

3. Winning traders make money, albeit small. Whining traders find an excuse why they couldn’t make it big.

4. Winning traders share things/ add value to a discussion. Whining traders only look to criticize in a trading discussion.

5. Winning traders study while they trade. Whining traders trade without studying.

6. Winning traders enjoy trading and their reward. Whining traders look at excel spread sheet.

7. Winning traders build a trading fellowship. Whining traders think they are the mentor him/herself.

8. Winning traders are realistic about the possible returns and include loss incurred. Whining traders look at big number of others and apply to their own.

9. Winning traders focus on a method and expertise it. Whining traders try any method that is claimed to be successful.

10. Winning traders consider trading as a business. Whining traders approach trading as overnigh-money-making method.

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Author: David Wilson