Tech Financials Binary Option Trading Platform


TechFinancial is a technology company that develops the financial trading interfaces used by trading platform like and and many others. In this article, we will cover TechFinancials as a binary options platform, and discuss how visual appearance and ease of use (including a basic binary options guide) will facilitate or hinder binary options trading. We are also give a review on the notable features offered by this platform, and see what makes it different from the crowd.

Visual Appearance

TechFinancials provides one of the most streamlined user interfaces with regard to appearance. The interface is sleek and professional, and there is hardly any distractions flashing text that will disrupt your thought. There are a lot of assets available, and all of them are listed one after another down the page, along with expiry times and current prices.

There are pictures on buttons instead of words and they change according to the trading method you choose (there are 3 ways to trade binary options provided by OptionFair, which will be discussed below). It is a bit tricky to know the function of each button on just a quick glance, so it is advisable that you be a little cautious before making a trade (or a trip to the online binary options guide).

Ease of Use

It is rather simple to trade on TechFinancials platforms after a trader has learned how to navigate the menus and tabs and switch between various trading methods and options. The user interface, despite being basic and straightforward, sometimes cannot show us clearly what is going on at times, especially with the Boundary options.

Tech Financials Binary Option Trading Platform

Nevertheless, TechFinancials software provides a window on the right of each trading method, which will give you a walkthrough of how to trade binary options, similar to a binary options guide. This feature is rather useful when a trader is learning how to make the most of the 3 methods offered for binary options trading.

Notable Features

With this binary options platform, traders are offered a wide variety of options types that they cannot find on some other platforms on the market. Traders can choose between 6 different binary options types: One Touch, High Yield One Touch, High/Low, Above/Below, Boundary and High Yield Boundary.

For High/Low options, you need to predict whether the price of the asset will be higher or lower than a certain price by the expiry time. For the Above/Below options, traders have to decide whether the asset’s price will be above or below its current price by the expiry time. The One Touch options pay out if the price of your asset reaches a given level at any point during the period of time before the expiry, regardless of the close price. Last but not least, Boundary, which is rather difficult to use, pays out when the price of the asset lies somewhere between a minimum and a maximum price boundary when the expiry time comes. For the last two types of options, there is a high yield version, which give more payouts when the market is in conditions that makes it more difficult for underlying assets to achieve. More risk earns more reward.

Room for Improvement

The most noticeable thing to improve is the lack of extensive charting capabilities for customers to track their previous trading history of particular assets more accurately. It would be much better with detailed graphs for each asset. The interface will also greatly benefit if it enables multi-tasking traders to cover multiple trades simultaneously in real time.

It is also quite difficult to find current prices. Overall, TechFinancials platforms offer a variety of options and give power to a trader who needs something a bit more than a basic platform.

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Posted by Patrick V. Arnold
September 3, 2016 at 1:52 am

I work at a binary options brokerage as the head of business development and I am happy to say that we use the TechFinancials platform and it is a splendid and superb binary trading platform indeed.

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Author: David Wilson