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open demoTitanTrade is a web-based binary options trading platform launched by a group of veterans in the industry. The platform aims to offer clients a more comfortable and diverse binary options trading experience. TitanTrade offers a variety of assets including stocks, commodities, currencies and indices.

The website of TitanTrade is not only attractive to the eye but also user-friendly. While other binary options brokers aim to make their website look as financial as possible, TitanTrade combines just the right amount of humor to their serious offerings. The graphics are bright, colorful, and the site updates movements of price as they are happening.

titantrade review

TitanTrade Trading Platforms

There are several unique ways to trade at TitanTrade. A trader can trade binary options 24/7 thanks to TitanTrade’s binary options platform. Whereas many other binary options brokers only offer two alternatives for a trade: in the money or out of the money, TitanTrade offers its traders a small payout percentage even when the trade is out of the money. $25 is the minimum trade amount of this type. Is the same as 24Option but Titan Trade accept customers worldwide, including USA.

During our TitanTrade review, we also tested the 60 Seconds trading platform that offers traders the opportunity to profit quickly from the constantly changing asset prices. This platform provides unlimited trades, which all expire in exactly one minute. A trader just needs to pick an asset and make a prediction whether its price will go up or down. The minimum trade for this platform is just $5.

As for long term trades, the expiry periods are no shorter than 3 days from the time of the investment. In contrast with Binary Options, which always offers short term trades with lower risk level and high payout, this platform offers more range and leniency when choosing your expiry times.

The One Touch provides an all-or-nothing trading experience. If a trade is in the money in this case, payouts can be as high as 500%. However, if your trade ends out of the money, all your investment will be lost. The advantage of One Touch trading is that traders do not have to wait until the expiry time. As soon as a trade is made, in order to receive a payout, the asset’s price just needs to either reach a pre-determined price or fall below it. The returns offered by these options range from 150% to 500%.

titantrade chart

TitanTrade also offers an innovative way of trading assets: the pair options. The assets, which are offered in pairs, are always from the same industry so that the trader would be able to analyze the market based on that particular field. At TitanTrade, traders can also find some pairs that are not normally offered by other platforms, including Gold vs. Silver and BNP vs. Barclays. More common pairs such as Apple vs. Google can also be found.

TitanTrade Account Type

TitanTrade offers traders several account types to choose from. The Micro/Test Account provides traders with full access to the trading platform, as well as a 20% bonus on the first deposit. On the other hand, the Classic Account requires traders to make a minimum deposit of $1,000 to $2,500, and in return offers traders up to 30% on their first deposit. TitanTrade also offers Premium Account, Platinum Account and VIP Account with a welcoming bonus of up to 75%.

Titan Trade – Education

TitanTrade puts a lot of focus onto customer experience, customer service and its education programs. Being a broker founded by a group of traders, TitanTrade keeps the view that education and other aspects of assistance are extremely important to their operation. This proves that TitanTrade always puts customers first. Traders are offered ebooks, tutorials, webinars, education programs, videos, signals, tips, private sessions, group learning, special forums and many more.

open demo

TitanTrade Trading & assets

At TitanTrade, traders can find an easy-to-use system along with detailed graphs and a variety of trading options to pick from. There are more than 200 assets to choose from, and traders are also offered the One Touch or Call/Put options, in addition to the more fast-paced options of the 30, 60 and 120 seconds. TitanTrade are probably the first trading platform to implement 30 seconds options. TradeRush is the first platform implement 60 seconds options. From the FX Forex pairs of all major as well as non-major currencies, from the commodities, indices or the popular stocks, traders are able to choose from an unlimited number of available options except on the weekends. Just as most other brokers in the industry, TitanTrade allows withdrawal and deposit through all major credit and debit cards, as well as other digital electronic wallets.

TitanTrade Features

At TitanTrade, you will be able to receive advice from experts, such as detailed and useful strategy suggestions that is more than worth reading before trading.

Traders can also access a full tutorial academy that offers educational video courses for beginning traders as well as experienced ones.

Customer service is offered 24/7 at TitanTrade, and contact phone numbers are provided in their overseas locations. At the time of this review, the method of correspondence is just available in English.

TitanTrade customer service

For some communication methods, customer support at TitanTrade is available 24/7. Online chats and calls are available 6 days a week. In order to use the online LiveChat service, you just need to login and click the dedicated button. Traders can improve their trading skills as well as profitability a lot thanks to the customer service and professional analysts that instruct, consult and provide tips and news to them.

TitanTrade Preview

TitanTrade Review - TitanTrade Binary Options Trading
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