Trade Binary Options on weekends

Including binary options on your financial investments’ portfolio has various advantages, the biggest of which is that it’s possible for you to trade them on the weekends even when most global markets are out of working hours. The reason for this is that a lot of binary options brokers provide all-or-nothing digital options for stock and indices which are open for trading even on Sundays. Although placing trades on the weekends is possible for traditional stock brokers, only until Mondays when trading reopens are these after-hour trades executed; therefore, they are actually not entering or exiting trades on the weekends. It is a different story with binaries. Because some stock exchanges are open on Sundays, especially in the Middle East – the week runs from Saturday to Wednesday in some of these countries and Sunday-Thursday in others – actively entering and exiting binary trades on Sundays is achievable to traders when trading underlying assets on these exchanges. In fact, there are various binary brokers and indexes offering trading on the weekends if you just look at the right places.

Trading Indices on the Weekends

A number of index binary options allow trading on the weekends. The three main markets where trading on the weekends is available include:

  1. The Tel Aviv 25 Index: In the state of Israel, the only securities trading market is the Tel Aviv Exchange. The index consists of the top 25 companies by market capitalization in the exchange.
  2. DFM Index: Based on the stock exchange in Dubai, the DFM Index is one of the United Arab Emirates’ three dominant stock exchanges. It has a total market capitalization of $360 billion.
  3. Tadawul Index: As Saudi Arabia’s only stock exchange, the Tadawul is composed of 144 publicly traded companies.
  4. Kuwait Stock Exchange Index (KSEIDX): This stock index was established in 1962 for the national Kuwaiti stock exchange, featuring Kuwaiti banks, real estate companies, insurance companies and investment firms.

As long as your broker provides options for any of these indices, you can trade them almost the entire weekend when markets are open.

Stocks to Trade on the Weekends

You can trade stocks listed on the markets mentioned above on the weekends as well. However, few of the companies that are listed on these exchanges are offered on binary contracts offered by binary brokers as underlying assets. Teva Pharmaceutical is one exception nevertheless. You can find this worldwide health company Teva on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. They are offered for trading weekend options by many brokers, along with the indices above.

Binary Options Brokers that Allow Weekend Trading

Several binary brokers allows weekend trading such as TradeRush and iOption. These brokers typically offer Above/Below or Up/Down binaries with expires from 30 minutes to one hour. Touch binary options are sold by a larger number of brokers during a specific time on the weekends with expiry on the following Friday. Although there is not as much excitement as with one hour long closing time trading options, there is a chance for you to earn big returns if you can guess price movements accurately. If you don’t want to trade on the weekends, spending the time for education would be great. You could start off by watch the Million Dollar Trader Series where a few novice traders participate for ultimate prize.

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Author: David Wilson