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Despite its late establishment (in 2010), TradersRoom is attracting a significant amount of new customers every day. It is provided in 4 different languages, aiming for a certain segment in the market of binary options. Digital options and binary options are mentioned on the site. Winning and losing trades pay up to 75 and 10 per cent, respectively. You can check the transaction history through the My Account tab.

Traders can invest up to $1,000 and can trade as many $1,000 trades as they want on one binary options asset. All the credit card payments over the web are encrypted by the internationally accepted security system SSL (also known as Secure Sockets Layer). TradersRoom is an international private firm owned and operated by Cathrock Ltd, with its headquarters in London and offices all around the world.

TradersRoom Review: User-Friendly

The website, overall, is easy to use yet professional at the same time, and it also has attractive graphics that catch traders’ eye.

tradersroom review

Traders can navigate around the website at ease. New traders are supported with a news feed and a demo. The FAQ section is quite informative and divided into several parts: Platform, Open Account, Deposit, Trading, Demo and Support. More information would be better, but still there is no information overload.

TradersRoom Review: Assets & Expiry Times

TradersRoom offers up to 54 underlying assets: 20 stocks, 4 commodities, 10 currencies and 20 indices. This number is good enough for all binary option traders.
Regarding the expiry times, there are 4 times available: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly and 24 hours. These choices are good enough, but longer expiry times are preferred in some cases.

Commissions, Customer Service & Return Rates

There is no commission charged when purchasing a binary option asset, so traders can trade binary options without being interrupted. There is still no available information regarding withdrawal fees.

Customer support is available through phone (with a total of ten international support numbers), live chat, email and call-back. The customer service staff of TradersRoom is well-known for their high quality service.

TradersRoom has good return rates: 68 to 75 per cent for in the money and 5 to 10 per cent for out of the money. These are still not the best rates on the market, however.

Deposit Options, Languages & Bonuses

Traders can deposit using Wire Transfer or Credit Card. There are 4 languages used on TradersRoom: English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese – rather enough in the binary options industry.

As a promotion, new traders may have the chance to get an iPad when depositing $5,000. Other promotions and bonuses are also available for existing customers.

TradersRoom Review: Additional Features

There are 2 ways to trade on the one platform. There are several features on the homepage. You can, at the same time, view different assets and check the predetermined sum of money you would receive in each case: winning or losing. There is a graph for you to follow your newly purchased binary option, and you can see the percentage of Calls and Puts next to each graph, along with the asset you purchase.

tradersroom trading

Another useful feature is the Asset Index, which is spread out into Stocks, Commodities, Currencies and Indices. On the homepage there is a feature for beginners: the How-to-Trade explanation. There is also the news feed provided by CNBC Finance to give you the latest news.

Some other additional features include: Binary Option, Daily Market Review, Weekly Market Review, Glossary and Hot Tips from Our Analysts.

TradersRoom Review
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Author: David Wilson