TradeRush implements trading app for Iphone

TradeRush – traders’ favorite binary options broker has recently implemented several features into their already-advanced platform with the sole purpose to increase company’s service quality and be able to reach wider traders’ requirements.

Specifically, from now on, Binary Options traders in TradeRush platform will have the ability to trade Binary Options from their iPhone as well as able to trade several new underlying assets.

TradeRush iPhone App

The new iPhone app, which you can download free of charge from Apple iTunes store, proves to be one of the most significant development by TradeRush staffs. The new innovation shows that TradeRush does care and listen to its traders as there has been several concerns about it in various forums. The installing of the apps is only in matter of seconds and traders will be able to log into as well as start trading right away from their mobile. It’s basically Trade as You Go.

The app looks simple and easy to use at the first look. The navigation and usability is really easy to comprehend with the currency and stock quotes at the top. The interface and its standout color are look almost the same as the regular TradeRush interface on the PC. This’s the reason why it’s easy to use for those who are familiar to trade on their PC or Mac.

traderush iphone apps

The iPhone app is basically able to get all the important features of the regular TradeRush platform which’s used on computer. The trading graph and price lines are a little bit simplified compared to the computer’s version in order to fit the iPhone screen, however all the important information like price, expiry, feature, timing are available to traders.

With just a sliding finger on the iPhone screen, traders are able to switch between one window to another. It’s just the same as any other iPhone apps.

We consider that the TradeRush app on iPhone is one of the most advanced apps nowadays, unless other premier brokers like 24option, Banc de Binary develops their apps to better suit traders’ needs.

TradeRush adds 20 new trading assets

TradeRush also announced that they have added more than 20 new assets in their trading platform. A few currency pairs worth mentioned are the USD pairs like USD/RBL, USD/BRL. For commodity, they’ve added Wheat and the two famous social networking stocks: LinkedIn and Facebook.

It’s a good move for the industry in general because Facebook and exotic currency pairs like USD/ZAR are very rare and you won’t find it in any most Binary Options brokers. With the 20 asset added, TradeRush now serves traders with over 20 trading assets.

TradeRush added Liberty Reserve as payment processor

TradeRush recently announced that they’ve successful setup a merchant account with Liberty Reserve. Liberty Reserve is an e-wallet payment processor; they are very popular in Europe and Asia. Liberty Reserve is also renowned for its security. The company has a few security measures that’s to protected users from unauthorized usage of account.

TradeRush’s Other Changes

TradeRush also changed and improved their Binary Options news page where they post news, market reviews and important information regarding to Binary Options trading.

Another noticeable change is that the Japanese Yen (JPY) has been added as account currency alongside USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and CAD. The Yen based account trader must deposit at least 10,000 Yen to have their account setup in Yen, this’s equivalent to about $115.

For more information about TradeRush, please read TradeRush review or comment in the comment session below if you are trading with TradeRush.

Bonus Video: How to trade 60 seconds options on TradeRush:

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Author: David Wilson