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Trading can sometimes be difficult without any guidance, every term seems like alien language because you have never heard of it before. We’ve been trading and we understand that frustrated feeling perfectly, therefore we’ve decided to write a detailed tutorials on how to execute trades, cancel trade, double up a trade etc… with traderush platform. However, first of all, make sure to read traderush review before trading with them.

Executing a Classic TradeRush Trade

To execute a trade, simply log into your account, deposit funds, choose an asset, expiry time, your position (“Call”/UP or “Put”/DOWN), enter an investment amount and click APPLY. The system will give you three (3) seconds to confirm or cancel your trade before executing the trade at the original rate you chose. The entry price is held during this period.

How to execute a classic trade

traderush classic trade

How to cancel a trade once initiated

cancel traderush classic trade

Advanced Training – 3 Functions

There are three advanced tools TradeRushTM offers its traders to allow you to make the mostout of your sessions. They are MultiView Mode, Rollover and DoubleUp, and are outlined below:

TradeRush MultiView option

The MultiView mode at TradeRushTM allows users to set up their favorite options in a
small table format and trade faster. Below is a brief diagram of how to execute a trade in
MultiView mode.

How to execute Classic Trade in MultiView

traderush classic in multiview

TradeRush Rollover

Rollover is a popular feature that allows a trader who is out-of-the-money to roll over his
or her position to the next expiry period. There are four conditions that apply in order to
partake in the Rollover feature:

1. The trader position is out-of-the- money.    
2. The Rollover will add 30% to your original investment.
3. The following expiry period cannot be the last expiry period of the day for that asset.
4. The Rollover feature can be activated once per asset/session. (However, if multiple instances of the same asset are open and both trades are out-of-the- money, the trader will be given the Rollover option in both sessions simultaneously.)

TradeRush DoubleUp

traderush double up

In response to the great demand of traders, TradeRushTM has recently added an excellent DoubleUp feature. The DoubleUp feature allows a trader to re-up an option at its current price-point, effectively opening a new position from a new price. This means the double-up entry rate is at the current rate (and not on the original price when the trade was first executed). It is highly effective when you expect the expiry rate to continue in its current trajectory from your original trade. To activate DoubleUp, simply click the x2 button in the sidebar, as illustrated below, and your investment will double.

What is OneTouch Trading?

The One-Touch trading platform effectively offers traders exceptional payout rates of
300% – 700% returns on daily, weekly, and monthly options. While the classic investments
are offered via a fixed amount, OneTouch investments are offered in investment units of the entry rate. For example, a $50 weekly option with a return rate of 450% means that if the stated goal is touched (not necessarily closed) once during the week at 17:00 GMT, the
trader will receive a total of $275 return on his $50 investments. This can be purchased in
5 units to equal a $250 investment with a potential return of $1,375 at the end of the
week. See individual OneTouch options for exact payout rates. Actual returns vary between 250%-700% and are listed prominently on th e OneTouch options. To repurchase a particular investment, simply click on “BUY MORE” on your optionand you will be asked to confirm your trade. You will be emailed the details of the trade upon the opening and closing of your position.

How to execute a OneTouch Trade

tradersuh one touch options trading

What is 60-Second Option Trading?

The 60-Second Trading feature is exclusive to the TradeRushTM platform. It offers traders the shortest possible option currently available in the world. Like the classic trade mode, a trader simply chooses his or her asset, the investment amount, a position (“Call” or “Put”) and then clicks Start . Remember, each click on START for a given asset will initiate a 60-second trade. You will be emailed the details of the trade upon the opening and closing of your position. See the graphical presentation of this below for further clarification.

How to execute a 60-Second Trade

TradeRush 60 seconds trade

What is OptionBuilder?

The TradeRush Option Builder offers traders a way to customize their trades in all aspects. Using this feature you can decide the precise risk reward ratio to suit your style of trading and portfolio size as well as precise expiry times. The Option Builder allows traders to implement the trading strategies that work best. Traders can trade in the way that’s best for them, monitoring their risk management and timetables to create the strategy with the highest yield.

How to Execute an OptionBuilder Trade

TradeRush optionbuilder

What is OptionPro?

OptionPro is TradeRush’s newest feature, offering traders advanced charting for each available asset that lets traders see historic trends in their underlying assets. This is ideal for traders who trade using technical analysis to see larger and historic trends for their assets. Traders can select their asset and change the history or zoom of their chart by accessing the HISTORY button at the bottom left of the screen. They can see charts from 5 hour increments down to 15 minute increments.

How to execute an OptionPro Trade

TradeRush optionpro

TradeRush 60 seconds system:

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Author: David Wilson