TradeSmarter Binary Options Trading Platforms

TradeSmarter, a binary options trading platform, has been powering 24bulls and other binary trading sites like It is a binary options platform which mainly focuses on providing option traders with a premium of information on the user interface when the trade is taking place. In this article, we will review the binary options trading platforms of TradeSmarter, as well as the how they enable option traders to trade binary options differently from other platforms on the market.

Visual Appearance

At first look, the TradeSmarter platforms seem busy with a lot of boxes. Each of these boxes has its own asset, and in each binary options box is the information for the trader. On the top of the window, there is the asset and payout list. Underneath are 2 arrows, ‘Call’ and ‘Put,’ along with the current price and information boxes by each arrow that explain what the arrow is representing.

Users can also use a drop-down menu that contains information for the profit you will make from the invested amount in 2 cases, in-the-money or out-of-the-money. There is also a chart showing the movement of the asset’s price and is updated daily.

TradeSmarter Binary Options Trading Platforms

The user interface is what really stands out from the TradeSmarter’s platforms, although it looks quite busy and may discourage some traders from using it. Anyway, it is able to help with your learning of option trading.

Ease of Use

The developers of TraderSmarter’s trading interfaces believe that trading binary options must be simple. That explains why the platforms always try to assist traders in learning option trading when they are actually trading binary options. The system is extremely user-friendly, although there is still a lack of advanced and complicated features and options which may confuse the traders.

Deposit and withdrawal is also very easy. The cashier area is somehow the same to that of other platforms (however, remember that right now TradeSmarter platforms do not allow users from the USA to register for paid accounts. If you are from the USA, click here to go to StockPair, a site that accepts US traders).

Notable Features

The ability to allow new traders to learn option trading as they go is probably the most notable feature of this platform. When you trade binary options on the trading area of the user interface, there is always a lot of information ready for your need. You can do many things in real time: tracking your grades, seeing the market sentiment at a glance for each asset, or seeing accurately how much you will make or lose with each trade.
However, you cannot find roll forward, take profits or other advanced features now on TraderSmarter. The company seems to focus on delivering efficient and effective binary options trading to a wide audience.

Room for Improvement

There is still room for improvement. The most important one is to incorporate the features that are still lacking in comparison with other platform. It may take a long time for the incorporation of user-friendliness and instruction of the platform to audience who are intermediate or advanced traders.

The platform would also benefit from a larger chart to trade each asset on, along with the other information displayed on the user interface.

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Author: David Wilson