TradeToolsFx Proprietary Binary Options

TradeTools FX – a developer of online trading technology, has just introduced a new trading platform for proprietary binary options. This latest binary options trading platform that provides traders with the possibility to trade binary options online has a new custom made trading interface.

A MetaTrader 4 plugin is also fully integrated into the platform to allow traders to trade binary options from the MetaTrader 4 accounts. The inclusion of MT4 plugin indicates the development of the binary options trading industry. Up to now MetaTrader 4 was only chiefly used by mainstream Forex traders and brokers.

TradeTools FX Introduces New Binary Options Software

Binary options trading platform by TradeTools FX, FX LITE: Binary Options is available on the well-received online trading platform of MetaTrader 4 from now on as well. Seeing the growing reputation of the market for options trading, the company made a decision to build a plugin to merge the MT4 software with its platform for proprietary options trading.

MT4 Binary Options

The FX LITE: Binary Options trading platform was initially a web-based one that comes with a typical Forex trading interface that is optimized especially for binary options trading. Experienced Forex traders who have an interest in options trading will find the platform relatively easy to use thanks to the strong similarity to a lot of major Forex trading platforms.

The platform’s simplicity also makes it highly recommended to new traders. Traders can select an asset from the right hand side of the platform’s interface. After an asset is clicked on, a window will appear asking which position the trader would like to open. Traders can join in traditional forex trading on the left hand side of the interface. Traders will choose either to “Buy” or “Sell”, and will be asked again to confirm or reject this purchase of position. A huge table in the middle of the platform’s interface allows traders to study and observe the growth of the asset selected.

At this point traders also get the chance to choose various indicators that will assist them in analyzing and predicting the movements of underlying assets. At the bottom of the platform’s interface you will find all the trader’s open positions, details on expiry date or profit margin and much more.

Other Products by TradeTools FX

Among the other tools that the company developed is the MT4 Multi Account Trader that offers traders the opportunity to allocate trades to many accounts while being connected to one single MT4 account. Another notable tool is the FX LITE: MAT, which in essence works in the same way as the tool above but on a platform that is web-based. The company’s chief downloadable online trading platform is the FX LITE: Desktop, which can also be fully integrated into the trending MetaTrader 4 platform. Along with this desktop platform there is its mobile version, the FX LITE:

Mobile and Tablet

The FX LITE: Admin, the MT4 Monitoring Systemand the MT4 Account Management Tool were specifically built for brokers to monitor traders’ activities, liquidity flow and other issues that relate to the management of brokers’ daily activities. Besides these products the company also supplies different analytical tools and plugins.

About TradeTools FX

Online trading technology developer TradeTools FX was founded by a team of financial trading and technology enthusiasts and started operating in 2008. Originally the broker paid attention solely to the forex trading market with multiple tools developed for brokers to integrate.

Lately the company started expanding and inventing tools that involves the binary options business as well. The new binary options platform and MetaTrader 4 plugin makes it possible for binary options brokers to provide their clients with the highest quality services.

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Author: David Wilson