UpDown Signals Review


UpDown Signals is a recent Binary Options Signals provider. However, this does not mean we cannot evaluate the quality of their signal service. The past results indicate a relatively good trading system, which might not be the best but is still very good. With a monthly fee of $99, it is in the same area as other signal providers. A trial is available at $4.99 and is highly recommended before you go for the full service.

Certainly it might be risky to make a full evaluation of any service from just 1 week, yet the crucial thing is first of all to understand how the service works out for you. Trades are delivered by SMS at specific times so you’ll have to make sure you can enter trades at these hours, which might not be suitable for everyone. Our conclusion after using this service was that the signals are worth the price you’re paying.


UpDown Signals Review: Signal Quality

UpDown Signals claims more than 75% winners over the past 60 days and 73.6% in the past years. As long as that’s true, this is a really good service. In our test, we got 67% winners; this is not as high as the claimed but still 67% is high enough for successful trading (out of 9 trades 6 were profitable). Their signals arrive via SMS including: asset, type of option, strike price. For instance, a signal from UpDown Signals might read: EUR/USD, Call, 1.3027. This particular SMS would mean it’s recommended to buy a EUR/USD Call Option (High) at 1.3027. Every time the options would expire 3 hours after the SMS is sent. On most broker platforms, this is very hard to arrange and is apparently the biggest disadvantage of this service. All signals are created with a special method developed by the provider, which works in the following order:

  • Assets Lists: Choose from an assets list
  • Pre-Opening data: Go over the pre-opening data
  • Market Opening: Examine the Market opening
  • Proprietary Models: Signals are generated using mathematical models
  • Sorting strong signals: Pick out the best signals
  • Shooting the signals: Delivering the SMS to the users

Service Value

Their price is the same as that of other binary options signals providers. Often the price is around $97-99 per month so it’s not true to say they’re expensive. When we tried them out the signals are really of good quality even if they didn’t realize the claimed 73.6% in our short testing period. Nevertheless, trading isn’t static and results vary so our results might not represent the true value and quality. With the service we earned money and the quality was pretty close to be within the stated range. Also, we have only tested it for one week so our results can be seen as amazing in a sense.


If you had placed $100 trades with StockPair (ITM return 90%) you could have made $540-$300 = $240. For just 9 trades, this is a very good payout. We highly recommend a $1500 account (if you would like to make $100 trades with sufficient risk management). That means you would make $240 a week, which is $960 a month or 64% ROI in 1 month or 768% ROI in a year (hypothetically). We think that this is pretty amazing.

UpDown Signals Review: User Friendliness

The biggest drawback of this Binary Options Signals service is in the user friendliness sector. Simply put, it is not created to make it easy for users to deal with these signals readily. This is because of the nature of this service, consisting of 2 parts:

  • The trades arrive at specific times which might not be very convenient for you.
  • The trades should be placed with a broker that allows 3-hour expiry – which is difficult

You’ll have to deal with and get used to all these issues. If you can you’ll be able to enjoy a great service that can bring you a lot of cash each month and you just work for a few minutes in a day.

UpDown Signals Support

Their support is good though as your questions are answered within an acceptable time window. They understand their work and have the knowledge to assist you in overcoming any problems that might arise on your journey towards successful trading. Take advantage of this support if you are having troubles with the service.


UpDown Signals Review
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Author: David Wilson