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VISA International, a company that issues and processes credit cards, is the main issuer of the VISA brand of credit or debit cards. Usually these cards are issued by banks. In countries that have credit facilities, traders can get a VISA credit card from their bank as long as they have good credit rating. They can use the card to either deposit or withdraw funds from their binary options trading accounts.

Traders in other cash-based societies are more likely to get VISA debit cards from their bankers. Some card processing firms also issue VISA virtual cards for online payments, but these cards are not suitable for trading due to two reasons: the issuing bank is unknown, and it is almost impossible to rectify issues in case they happen. As a result, we will not address VISA virtual cards in this discussion.

visa binary options brokers

You are able to deposit funds in or withdraw from a binary options trading account using either a VISA credit or debit card. However, this does not apply to traders who come from countries that are in the financial blacklist of the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets and Control) and the FATF (Financial Action Task Force). Also traders from countries that are condoning money laundering or are sponsoring for terrorism. Apart from those issues, you are free to fund and withdraw from your account by VISA cards if your country is clean.

If you use a VISA credit or debit card to deposit into your trading account, the transactions are instant, whereas it normally takes one working day for withdrawals to complete. Using VISA cards for first-time withdrawal may require some type of confirmation from the trader. It could be an ATM transaction receipt that contains the holder’s name, address and other information that the broker want to know, or a credit card statement from the issuing bank. Some brokers can ask for a picture of the card holder, or a photo of the card’s front and back, which should display the card number, CVC/CVV (3-digit security code), expiry date, and cardholder’s name. The trader’s withdrawal is processed only when the confirmation is obtained. That’s the case for the first withdrawal only, subsequent ones are normally done quickly and easily.

Some brokers are providing cards for their traders through a partnership with VISA. This is good for traders because they are able to load the cards independently and do transactions with their binary options accounts conveniently (funding or withdrawing). Traders can even use these VISA card as an ATM to cash out the card balance.

Top Binary Options Brokers that Accept VISA 2013

Below are top brokers that allow traders to use VISA cards to fund and withdraw from their accounts.

  • Banc de Binary


This broker allows credit card deposits (which are normally processed instantly) and withdrawals on accounts. Withdrawing from your account using VISA card may take up to ten days, and you may be charged by the card issuer. It is not clear why it takes such a long period to process the withdrawals, but perhaps it is somehow connected to the confirmation requirements of the card ownership stated above. For more information, read Banc de Binary Review.

  • 24Option

This broker is beginning to build up its reputation in the binary options industry. 24Option is famous for its aggressive marketing and its features that aim to improve customers’ experience when trading binary options. 24Option has integrated Moneybookers to the list of payment options for deposits and withdrawals, which can be done in several easy steps on their site. For more information, read 24Option review.

  • StockPair

StockPair’s service is both easy and satisfying to use. It is simple and fast to register for an account, comparing to most Forex trading accounts and most binary options brokers. Traders can also deposit funds by means of credit card, wire transfer or Moneybookers, not many but still enough.


Like all top-ranking binary options platforms, StockPair provides a fully web-based trading platform that does not require traders to download anything in order to trade. This means traders can trade from PCs or smartphone and any mobile device as long as they have access to their accounts. It is very easy to switch from trading stock pairs to trading binary options and vice versa, and is also easy to find the suitable asset you want to trade in the drop down menu. StockPair’s platform is very clean and clear, comparing to other Forex trade platforms which are filled with complex charts.

An interesting feature is the fixed trading option, which requests the traders to place a position and wait for hours. This is relaxing yet stressful at the same time. For more information, read StockPair review.

  • TradeRush

TradeRush, a binary options trading platform headquartered in Cyprus, was established in 2011. TraderRush offers a lot of cool features, but what really sets it apart from other binary options brokers is the indication, concerning the time left for trading, that it offers above the payout specified for the asset being traded. There are many types of assets available for trade in binary options: currencies, stocks, indices and commodities, with expiry times from 60 seconds up to 6 months. There are totally 100 assets on TradeRush available for trading European 2-way options. On the platform, you can earn up to 81 per cent for certain trades. For more information, read TradeRush review.

StockPair Review Video:

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