Why trading Binary Options?

Why is trading binary options better than any other type of investment? The answer is simple: you only have to click two different buttons! With binary options all you have to know is whether it is going to close up or going to close down. Other types of investment require a lot more information, such as knowing where to set your stop loss, knowing where to exit, and knowing when to move your stop to break even. This can become very confusing and the more thinking we put in trading, usually results in more severe losses!

Simplicity isn’t the only plus to binary trading. Binary options also have a higher rate of
return than any other form of investment! No other investment will give you a 70-95% return on your money in 60 seconds, 5 minutes or less than an hour. For example, one of the women that got me hooked on trading started out her binary trading with $100. With her $100 investment and only one year of trading she had enough money to buy a new house and pay off her car. There is simply no other type of investment out there that can let you expand as little as $100 to enough to buy such big ticket items in such a small amount of time!

Trading binary options is simple and gets you a high return, but is there another reason to try this form of trading? The answer is yes, there is one more very big reason for you to trade binaries: anyone can trade them! How many traders have $25,000 in starting capital to day trade stocks? Probably not very many. If you deposit $1,000 as your initial investment and ifyou risk 5% of that investment you’re already making $40 profit per trade. (1,000×5%=$50, $50×80% return = $40) Those $40 returns will build your account to $1,000 trades before you know it. When you build your account up to $1,000 a trade you only need to make one trade a day to make a return of $800 a day! ($1,000×80%=$800) Binary options will bring you the financial freedom you’re looking for. You just have to remain patient and disciplined, wait for that perfect setup, and jump on those perfect trades. Treat every trade like it’s a million dollar trade!

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Posted by Ann
September 14, 2012 at 8:41 pm

Why trade binary options? Because I could make 100$ in 60 seconds lol, but the reverse is also true..

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Author: David Wilson