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Binary Options Broker Compared 2020

Trading binary options is easy and promises very high returns. However, choosing a safe and reliable Binary Option Broker is crucial for long-term success. supports you in choosing the best broker in 2020.

With the information from our test reports, you can avoid falling victim to a dubious broker and thus fraud when choosing a broker. As the test winner, the broker IQ Option made an excellent impression on us.

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What are binary options brokers?

Binary options trading brokers give private investors the possibility to trade options easily and simply from home. In addition to some underlyings, there are many different styles of trading available. Trading via brokers is convenient and straightforward from anywhere in the world. the only requirement is an internet connection that’s as stable as possible.

Binary Options BrokersTrading binary options is incredibly easy and simple. in addition to a trading platform, binary options brokers often provide many other services such as market reports, webinars and private advice. they provide the best basis for successful trading.

Newbies and beginners should familiarize themselves with the idea to understand the markets. Information on investment strategies is then on the program. Theoretical skills should not be tested directly with money on the market. Instead, many binary options brokers offer free demo accounts with play money, which you can use to check what you have learned.

Criteria for the binary options broker comparison

Comparing the offers of the various brokers isn’t easy. Each provider must be examined with reference to several criteria. Test reports on the individual brokers must also be included. the main target should be on the following aspects. When selecting a binary option broker you should pay particular attention to the following trading conditions:

  • maximum return
  • Number of tradable underlying
  • Term of the options
  • possible loss protection
  • Number of trade types
  • Minimum deposit
  • Minimum trading amount

Trading platform

Most binary options brokers now provide quite best trading platforms. Some software are employed by several well-known and popular providers. an appropriate platform should be characterized by a solid system that transmits prices in real time.

User-friendliness is a necessary criterion for a trading platform. Operation must be intuitive. A precise simplicity should be combined with diverse trading opportunities. At first glance, the overview of relevant values must achieve success. In the best case, the trading platform is on the market.
binary option Trading platform

Performance comparison

The core of the binary options broker comparison is the development of the individual offers as a whole. Additionally, the conditions and costs for service provision are compared. Interested traders must, however, note that the brokers are in constant competition and can quickly introduce changes in services and conditions during this context. Basically, the reviews and experiences are a superb basis for comparison.

Fees and conditions

binary options FeesA trade is typically free with binary options brokers. The trading conditions, which also include the minimum capital contribution, are interesting. You have to deposit a minimum amount in order to actively participate in trading.

The minimum deposit is typically more than $100. on average, an initial deposit of around $150 is required. This regulation is especially relevant for beginners, as they usually turn away from investing huge sums of money directly. Lesser known binary options brokers usually require deposits of $250 or more, which discourages many potential customers.

In terms of the general effect on capital, the minimum bet per option is decisive. A distinction is typically made between classic call and put options and riskier products like high-yield options. The market average for popular and popular providers is around $10 per position. Beginners are not recommended to make first trades with sums higher than $20. With small payments, the investment capital can quickly be completely used up before sufficient experience may be gained.

Trading opportunities

Trading opportunitiesIf binary options brokers are looking to attract new customers, they often offer innovative trading opportunities. They usually set themselves aside from the competition. Depending on the provider, there are sometimes trading opportunities that can’t be found with other brokers. However, the most criterion for selecting a binary options broker should be the number of relevant trading opportunities.

Classic call and put options are standard. additionally , there are usually so-called one-touch options. With them, traders don’t just get to determine the course direction. The question is whether or not the price has touched a particular value by the end of the term or not. This investment option is sometimes slightly more risky than classic options. But the returns are higher.

A step up from the one touch options are high yield options. The target price is well above the present value in order that it is relatively unlikely to be achieved. Successful traders are rewarded with returns of up to 500 percent. Possible profits are staggered very differently from broker to broker and begin at around 300 percent. For traders who want to take a position in this area, it is advisable to compare the success payouts when comparing binary options brokers.

Binary Options Demo Account

Binary Options Demo AccountDemo accounts helps new traders to get to understand the binary trading platform and how markets works. Experienced dealers also often use demo accounts. They test strategies risk-free before applying them to the real market. Brokers with free demo accounts are highly recommended. When choosing a provider, their availability should be a notable criterion.

Deposit bonuses

For registration and first deposit, binary options brokers often reward their new customers with a bonus. Usually the deposit amount is increased by a particular percentage. With popular brokers, this is often between 75 and 100 percent.

For registration and first deposit, binary options brokers often reward their customers with a bonus. Usually the deposit amount is increased by a particular percentage. With popular brokers, this is often between 75 and 100 percent.

Deposit bonuses

Traders have to be careful with the no deposit bonus Forex broker conditions. They state that the bonus paid out must be converted by a particular amount before a payout can be made. This implies that it is sometimes necessary to use a bonus amount of, for instance , $300 40 times in order to own the money transferred to the bank account. The lower the quantity of conversions, the higher the chance of really being able to transfer the capital from the online account.

Other rewards and bonus offers also can wait. From a particular turnover per month, for instance , there are special gifts or risk-free trades. The abundance of various possibilities is incredibly high here.

When choosing a binary options broker, you do not just have to concentrate to the respective deposit bonus. The conditions under which the bonus can be used play a vital role. In general, rewards shouldn’t be too weighty a reason for deciding for or against a broker.

Customer support

Customer supportThis point is particularly important for beginners: does customer service help with any problems in German at any time? Or are employees who speak another language very difficult to reach? the proper customer support should offer both live chat and contact form as well as a free service number.

Many customer advisors not only help with difficulties concerning the trading platform and your own account. you’ll also answer content-related questions briefly, precisely and clearly. Some binary options brokers have specially trained staff who provide recommendations on trading. Personal advisors are a considerable advantage of this provider over others who do not offer such a function.


Nowadays, from our point of view, it is indispensable to carry out the most detailed binary options broker comparison possible, especially since there are still some providers who are not 100 percent reliable. But even since there are now over 40 brokers on the market, some of which differ considerably in terms of trading conditions, services and the entire range, it is only possible through a detailed comparison that traders can find the broker that best suits them.