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Tochva Strategy Download

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Rules: TF 1M 5M / Exp. 2 to 5 candles

Call:  Signal arrow yellow ( supersignal can redraw , I use it just for reference of hight and low)

Triggerlines indicator turn green color.

Parabolic Sar dot under the candle yellow color.

STO indicator ascending from 0 level.

Accelerator Oscillator green color.

Awesome Oscillator green color

Trend Session green color.

Tochva Strategy

Put:   Signal arrow violet ( supersignal can redraw , I use it just for reference of hight and low).

Triggerlines indicator turn red color.

Parabolic Sar dot over the candle violet color.

STO indicator descending from 100 level.

Accelerator Oscillator red color.

Awesome Oscillator red color

Trend Session red color.

I add S/R zones, you can catch the best entries when price bounce on S/R zones.

Simple setup, High ITM?

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Simple setup, High ITM


1) Look for a nice UP or DOWN trend. (Sometimes you can receive good trades even when there is not a strong trend)

2) Wait for the Bullish (In an UP Trend) candle to pierce the 50 SMA and close on or above the 6 EMA.


3) Wait for the Bearish (In an DOWN Trend) candle to pierce the 6 EMA and close on or below the 50 EMA.

4) Take A 5 minute trade on the EVERY NEXT CANDLE.

Shooting Gun Strategy Download

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Method 1º:

PUT:   Nice Chart OB

Candle break top line bollinger band ( will receive a arrow and alert)

Wait for bullish candle thats break Support and resistence Green zones (only untested, Verified, pruven are valid avoid weak ones)

ATR indicator at bottom left 1.3 or higher you will receive an alarm.

VERY IMPORTANT: Enter inmediately when candle break and transgress green zones not only a touch. Dont wait the canndle do a pullback.

Method 2º;

If all conditions are meet enter 1minute exp. in next candle.

The strategy work in Mayor pairs and all time frames.

Shooting Gun Strategy

ADX crossover variation strategy

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Follow the trend direction i.e if the moving average color is red only take red arrows

Watch the ADX at the bottom to anticipate an upcoming signal

the other indicators at the bottom are to help spot trend/confirm a signal

Red and green arrows are the main signal…don’t repaint but can come late in a candle…so like i said only take it at the beginning of a candle

Gold arrows mean macd crossover…does not repaint however can come late in a candle like the adx

Big white arrow means reversal going to happen in longer term trend…repaints if a trend goes on for a bit…but we only use it to know a reversal is coming


The Guessing Game – 60 Second Profitable Strategy Download

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  1. Login to your broker
  2. Choose currency pair (I use EUR/USD)
  3. As soon as the chart comes up, guess if it will go up or down

The Guessing Game - 60 Second Profitable Strategy [Trade from a low account balance]


1st trade – $1 [BUY @ 1.1092] (Just using as example numbers)

~End of first trade @ 1.1091 = LOSE

2nd trade – $3 [SHORT @ 1.1091]

~End of second trade @ 1.1094 = LOSE

3rd trade – $8 [BUY @ 1.1094]

~End of third trade @ 1.1087 = LOSE

4th trade – $20 [SHORT @ 1.1087]

~End of fourth trade @ 1.1084 = WIN

5th trade – $1 [BUY @ 1.1084]

~End of fifth trade @ 1.1087= WIN

6th trade – $1 [SHORT @ 1.1087]

~End of sixth trade @ 1.1089 = LOSE

7th trade – $3 [BUY @ 1.1089]

~End of seventh trade @ 1.1089 = TIE

8th trade – $3 or $8 [SELL @ 1.1089]

~End of eighth trade @ 1.1088 = WIN

$1 -> $3 -> $8 -> $20 -> $50 -> $130 -> $280


1. Trade 1 Minute Expiry

2. Utilize Martingale

3. Every trade needs to be opposite (*Unless gut feeling prevents)

4. If tie occurs, count as loss

5. If you take a hit, restart back at starting bet and attempt to recover the lost earnings.


Outside Bar 60 Second Binary Option Strategy Download

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Call Entry – Green Arrow

Put Entry – Red Arrow

General Rules Applicable:

1. Do not trade long wicks

2. Do not trade after 25 Seconds

3. No trades 2 hours after market open and 2 hours before market close

4. Do not trades Gaps

My Sniper ITM Download

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-Buy alert/arrow take call in next candle.


-Sell alert.arrow take put in next candle.

Place MBFX System and SnR in indicator folder and only load Sniper.ex4 in MT4.

*Sniper is combination of both MBFX and SnR indicator with some builtin rule*


Price-O-Meter indicator

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This price action indicator also works as a spot forex EA auto trader and is therefore very versatile.

Although this indicator can be used to trade all expiry periods for currencies, I use it for 60 second trades.

Easy Binary Options Strategy

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Easy Strategy


1. When you take a trade while that trade is still running never open another trade.

2. After a trade finishes always wait 10min before starting to trade on that pair , this is to avoid waterfalls.

3. Always avoid trading 30min before and after medium/high impact news and markets opening/closing.

4. Avoid trading while tired , drunk , high , emo etc. , when you trade you need to be fresh and pay attention.

5. Don’t use more than 5% of your bank and martingale is not a good idea.

6. If the price breaks high timeframes S/R like 1H or 4H wait at least 15min before trading because huge spikes like this may blow you account.

7. Don’t get greedy and try to force trades if they don’t respect the strategy wait for another opportunity.

8. Understand that on demo you trade differently than on live because of the emotional state so don’t let losses get to you.

9. This strategy works better on some pairs than others and on some markets better than others.

10. This is the most important rule : Never let your emotions control you and know that it is normal to win several in a row and also lose several in a row so when you lose don’t try to change the strategy , add indicators or things like that. Always stick to the strategy and be consistent.


INS Vikrant EA for 60s trade Strategy

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1.demarker should rise from 0 and close within 0.3

2.bear candle close whose demarker value is between 0<x< 0.3


1.demarker should fall from 1 and close within 0.7

2.bull candle close whose demarker value is between 1>x> 0.7