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IQ Option Review - IQ Option Scam?

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IQ Option is owns by Investlab Trading Limited and be regarded as a new binary option broker it started the business in 2013. However, it has already had a firm position on this competitive market. Its business is in Russia and Cyprus, but is also available in England and it allows you to trade not only in these 3 countries but also from anywhere in the world at any time you want. IQ Option even provides several international phone numbers for traders who would like to contact the company directly.  Traders can choose to deposit funds of at least $10 or 300 Rubles through one of the numerous deposit methods which the site offers. This is one of a few brokers that offer such a low deposits yet promise high payouts, open an account at IQ Option and you are also able to join in trading competitions organized by this company and have opportunities to win attractive prizes of up to $500.

IQ Option Review

IQ Option Review

The design of IQ Option website is significant different from many of leading brokers in the industry. At first may traders find it a little bit confusing to grasp but then it will turn out to contain many unique features and very easy to navigate. The site loads in Russian, English and a few other popular languages as IQ Option is mainly design for the Russian clients. It is a limitation of this website.


IQ Option offers only 2 main accounts. A real account requires a minimum deposit of only $10 but be guaranteed up to 45% return for traders’ incorrect predictions and offered a bonus of 80%. This number of VIP account is respectively $1000, 60% and 100%. Open a VIP account, traders will also receive a personal financial manager and a monthly analysis of their trading with the broker’s analysts. They are obviously helpful to have a better movement. IQ Option specially offer demo account which you can indefinitely use without making a deposit. This is a practicing tool including important information and tips for new traders who want to reduce the risk of losses in the real trading.

There are about over 70 tradable assets are now offered by IQ Option varying from stocks, currencies, indices to Bitcoins. The withdrawal process is guaranteed to be completed within 1-3 days.

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IQ Option guarantees payouts that are amazingly high. If traders have a good prediction and make a right decision, they may earn as high as 92% and sometimes higher on their investment, depending on market conditions.


As mentioned above, the trading platform adopted by IQ Option, which is operated by Thomson Reuters for precise quoting and the utmost reliability. On visiting the IQ Option website, you will see clearly organized tabs positioned on the top of the screen showing the full list of tradable assets available at the moment for your selection. You can also check other information about the current profit payouts or the time the relevant market will last on the drop-down menu of the tab.

The platform is split into two modes – which means traders can choose how their assets will be traded, “Turbo” and “Binary Option”. Binary Option mode is standard trading options that will expire up to 1 hour in advance. Turbo options, unlike what other brokers offer, are like mini binary options that expire every 1, 2 or 3 minute. It’s when you can seconds to payouts! This option is especially for traders who enjoy fast trading action.

Trading on IQ Option is extremely easy and simply. First, open an account, select the assets, and decide the amount that you want to invest in, the type of trades that they want to make and, most importantly, the risk they want to take. Here, traders will set a return rate that they will save for a wrong prediction. The higher this rate is, the smaller profit they will receive when winning.Then, you can start your trade by click on the “Call” or “Put” buttonsat the furthest end on the right side of the trading platform. Right after that, some helpful charts with Shapes, lines, bars or indicators will appear to show the direction you are trading in, the price fluctuations and the time that last possible trade and expiry will take place. A timer countdown and some different sounds to mark your trade beginning and the “in” or “out” of your money-flow are also provided for a more comfortable trading experience and a better account safeguards.

On the left side of the trading platform, traders will find all the navigation choices where they can see the banking transactions, current open trades as well as trading history with results. The customer support option is also located here in the personal cabinet section.


IQ Option provides a very good service from the start to the end. First, the deposit and withdrawal procedures can be made through various methods including bank wires, credit cards, Skrill, WebMoney, Polipayments or even e-wallets. Second, the training for new traders is very useful with various courses about many popular trading strategies in the world. Last but not least, IQ Option also surprisingly organizes some tournaments for traders to make extra money. Sometimes, lucky deposit amounts are offered a cash prize of up to $10,000.

IQ Option has been recognized as the Most Reliable Binary Option Broker 2014 by MasterForex-V and the Most Innovative Binary Option Broker 2014 by Show FX World.


Be one of a few brokers regulated and licensed by SySEC together with the awards they have received, IQ Option has proved their strict standard of honesty and reliability that ensures the safety of traders’ accounts as well as the legality of its trading contracts.

Customer support

Although the key market of IQ Option is Russia, their website is also available in some other languages. For new customers, FAQs section of its website turns out to be very useful as it provides so far more than enough answer to common problems they may get while trading. If they desire to put in touch with the customer service department, they can do so through email, Live Chat, Skype, through the Web form provided on the website and of course, local or international phones.


IQ Option, with its low minimum deposit and demo account, can be a great choice for a new trader in this market or small account holder who wants to conserve money and trade wisely. The design of its website is also a huge plus with clearness, user-friendliness and accounts transparency. The deposit bonuses are some of the highest among binary option brokers, and the trading platform with unique features has reliable pricing and solid execution.

IQ Option Review - IQ Option Scam?

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Great, another not-useful feature, Click on the subdirectory in bookmars opens first bookmark in directory instead of instant list sucrrdebtoiy. Now i have to wait till it decides to show.Gimme my old chrome back!

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