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On March 11, 2015
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No1Options Review - No1Options Scam?

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No1Options is a relatively new UK based binary options broker which started its business in 2013. Despite that, by providing many unique features, it’s obvious that No1Option will lead the market soon. So, by following our review can you discover what these sophisticated features are.

Platforms and Accounts

No1Options ReviewNo1Options is using the new SpotOption platform for binary option trading.

There are five different types of accounts that are offered by No1Option. The most simple account type is the Mini account which require a minimum deposit of $500 and offers a welcome bonus of up to 25%. The Silver account type requires $2,500 as its initial deposit. The higher level is Gold account with $5,000 deposit amount. And if you are so familiar with the market, have much money and want to earn a big profit, let’s choose the Personal banking account and the VIP account into which you have to invest the minimum amount of $10,000 and $50,000 respectively. VIP is the most premium and exclusive account type offering a welcome bonus up to 200%. Traders can open accounts and start trading at any time and from anywhere without any extra fee or commissions while always provided with risk management tools.

Besides the classic call/put binary options trading type, No1option makes it able for traders to choose from various types of trading, including long terms, fast trading, pairs and one touch options.

Other features

As mentioned above, as a new kid, No1Option must feature with some extraordinariness which is different from most of the current brokers to attract clients. Among them, “risk Free Trading” program is the most impressive as it allow the traders to earn a reward without taking no risk, or in the other words, traders will never lose. It’s kind of unprofitable to the broker that no broker except for No1Option offer this program on the market.

No1Options Chart

                                         No1Options Chart

What is innovative about No1options is the adding of “Ladder” trade option, which allows the more advanced traders to reduce the trade implement time by make separate individual trades at different levels by just a single trade.

On visiting the No1Option website, traders can also be updated with economic issues through news and reviews as well as extra important information for a better prediction in trading. Besides, No1Option provides a variety of technical analysis tools such as Fibonacci and Pivot-levels calculators which give traders even bigger advantages.

Although the site loads only in English and Spanish making it inconvenient for non-English and non-Spanish traders, they can easily contact directly to the customer service department of No1Option for any kind of support through live chat, email or phone.

In conclusion, with an extensive choice of account types and special features, together with the user-friendly and easy-to-navigate design, No1Option is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders.

No1Options Review - No1Options Scam?

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Author: David Wilson