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StockPair Review & Rating

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$ 200,00

Many compaints about the broker
Not Recommended!

Talking about, we could consider it as the king of stock pairs trading in binary options. Besides regular assets like Forex Pairs, Commodities and Indexes, StockPair also includes the trading of relative strength between 2 stocks.

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StockPair ReviewThis broker is very similar to Forex that we look at the relative strength of two assets and measure which one is going to be outperformed the others. Recently, with new online technology, Forex has been becoming increasingly trader’s favorite form of investment. If you are familiar with Forex market and currently doing well with Forex Market, then Stockpair is definitely for you.

We have been trading with stockpairs for roughly 6 months, below will be our full exclusives Stockpair review for both of its pros and cons.

Trading Offers

Stockpair as its name are specialized in stock options pair trading, where you evaluate the relative strength of certain stocks and measure which one is strongest, which one is the weakest to take action and from that you make decision to call and put for that stock pair respectively. They have somewhat average minimum deposit, with $200, you could start to trade with

The minimum trade size is $20 and maximum is $500. From the look of it, StockPair is for a starter to an averaged-balanced trader. If you have like $100.000 to invest, I believe that $500 is too little for a trade, if that’s a case, I would recommend 24Option, a broker who accept very big maximum trade size. In fact, 24Option offer highest trade size in Binary Options industry. In addition, Stockpair demo account is also available after you open a live account with them. Deposit bonus is also available too (Read more in StockPair bonus session below)

Trading Assets

stockpair binary option

Stockpair has wide range of underlying assets with over 90 assets available for trading. From what we are understand, they’ll add more assets in near future. They basically have every assets that are available on other binary options broker. From Major forex pairs, stocks to commodities. Apart from major stocks in US and Europe, they also have stock assets in Asia and Middle East. Therefore, Stockpair could serve people well with different preferences all over the world. We were quite impressive with the number of assets they are offering and still they are looking to add more.


For any broker’s reliability, we access different criteria to rate its reliability. Whether it’s easy to use?Whether it’s consistently? Stockpair develop and use their own trading platform, however through our experience with, they are quite upfront and reliable platform. We never experience any down-time, never have any rather big delay in execution, the chart shift and price feed is the same with Reuters. For that we rate Stockpair reliability quite highly, at least a better one in Binary Options industry.

Trading Charts

Due to the specialty of stock pairs trading, Stockpair develop and use their own trading platform. Since it’s quite new idea the platform will not be as simple as other binary options broker. Despite of simple Put or Call for certain stocks, we need to measure relative strength of two different stocks. Both stocks could have different payout, so it looks like it’s more complicated than other usual charting platform. Luckily, Binary Options charting platforms are usually extremely simple. You won’t face any problem getting familiar with Stockpair charting, you could honestly start trading right away without much hassle.

There is only one more add-on function to stockpair, that function is different payout for different stocks. There’s still some room for improvement though, like there’s no filtering or favorite function. It’s something that not many broker offers, probably it would take unnecessary resources for a web-based charting platform.


In Binary Options Daily Review, as its name, we constantly monitor complaints on any broker to add it to our review, we take it as seriously to the point that we monitor it on daily basic. Through out a day, a lot of aspiring traders visit our website for reviews, so our mission is to keep them up-to-date everyday because a good broker could turn out to be a bad one any day.  We have received 2 complaints regarding to Stockpair, both regarding to their trading platform which we believe that it’s due to their new in-house platform. Trader got confused between two payouts (due to having to stocks comparison), so when they win, for example 85% of investment, they thought it’s 89% (which’s payout for other stock).


Stockpair offer %20 bonus for new first time deposit trader.


We consider withdrawal ability of any binary options broker as one of the most crucial factors to rate that broker. Our experience with stockpair has been very good, we’ve withdrawn over $10.000 in cash, to our surprise, they money arrived in approximately 5 days, which’s very fast compared to binary options broker withdrawal standard. There’s different ways of withdrawing from stockpair including wire transfer, direct deposit and paypal. Recently, Stockpair added MoneyBookers and CashU as their other viable withdrawal options, therefore if you are a fan of MoneyBookers and would love to deposit and withdraw via MoneyBookers; StockPair could be for you! It could work well for us, but it could be trouble for other trades, if you have any problem withdrawing with, please feel free to comment or contact us, we’ll be more than happy to add it to our stockpair review.

Customer Support

You can contact stockpair via several ways: Live chat, email or you could directly phone them. I personally like the live chat the most because I don’t want to talk to some one… literally, their live chat only available during trading hours though. Apart from that during off-hours, you’ve got to choose to either email them or phone them. Their email respond is quite prompt, usually they’ll get back to you within 24 hours; so nothing much to worry about. They also have a library they call it “GUIDE” to help new traders understand more about binary options, strategy and more about too. If the chat support is available 24//5, then it would be better.

Final Words

Stockpair’s overall shows a very good sign of a reliable broker who anyone can trust. They open a quite innovative idea to measure strength of two particular stocks and operate the idea quite well with their own platform, good charting, decent payout and decent support. Most importantly, they pay you for your trading ability. We rate them one of the better brokers out there and if you prefer Forex trading, Stockpair is definitely for you.

Anyway, please let us know your opinion, we’ll be very glad to add it to our Stockpair review

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$ 200,00

Many compaints about the broker
Not Recommended!

$ 200,00

Many compaints about the broker
Not Recommended!